Reasons to Choose BigCommerce to Start Your eCommerce Store

John Ahya
John Ahya

August 16, 2022

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Last Updated June 15, 2023

Reasons to Choose BigCommerce

Any eCommerce Store has to overcome several obstacles to build an online presence and consistently gain new customers. This can be a daunting task for anyone new to the eCommerce circle. To assist you through these difficulties and make a professional eCommerce store, you need a top-notch eCommerce platform like BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a leading SaaS eCommerce platform that has been helping businesses build and grow their online stores since 2009. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that can help you easily start your online business.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to switch platforms, BigCommerce may be the perfect choice for your eCommerce store.

In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why BigCommerce is worth considering for your online store.

Why Choose BigCommerce to Build Your eCommerce Store in 2023?

BigCommerce offers a fully hosted solution that allows you to build your online store without worrying about the technical aspects of hosting and maintenance. Let’s check out the five reasons for choosing BigCommerce to build your eCommerce store.

1. Easy Onboarding

BigCommerce’s onboarding process is among the simplest in the industry, making it ideal for new users compared to any other platform. The setup process is straightforward, intuitive, and fast, making it simpler to start an eCommerce website.

With BigCommerce, you don’t need hard-core coding in the initial stage to set up an online business. With the available tools and resources on the platform, one may build a classic and fully working eCommerce website.

You can find a lot of relevant information on how to get started at the Help Center, both in textual and video form.

2. Simple Operation and Best Features

BigCommerce’s dashboard is the most user-friendly in the industry for managing items, orders, and refunds. Advanced filtering options, categories, reviews, and more are readily available to your store’s customers.

eCommerce site search is a crucial feature, and BigCommerce offers a ‘Quick Search Bar’ that allows you to access and manage your items quickly. The BigCommerce platform makes it simple to deal with large numbers of clients.

You can segment your consumers based on price, promotions, and product access using the customer-centric platform and adapt your shop information to each customer group. You don’t need a different eCommerce shop to have different consumer pricing!

3. Get An SEO-Ready Platform

Keeping your eCommerce company afloat in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace is a challenging task. Search engines regularly change their search algorithms, so optimizing your website for these changes is necessary.

Among the most excellent features of BigCommerce is that it adheres to the most current SEO standards. You can manually add SEO-rich keywords to the SEO sections in addition to the platform’s several primitive SEO-friendly features, such as auto-optimized titles and URLs.

4. Eye-Catching Mobile-Friendly Themes And Templates.

You may choose from an extensive range of themes and templates, both free and premium. As a further assurance, BigCommerce states that future upgrades to these themes will be free.

Studies show that 71% of online shopping carts are abandoned because of mobile sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. But you don’t have to worry about that on BigCommerce.

You can also choose from more than a dozen themes, all of which are mobile-friendly. Optimize your shopping carts and increase your buy rates with these themes and templates that perform well on all mobile devices. Moreover, if you choose headless BigCommerce, you can take advantage of unlimited customization.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

One of the best customer support teams on the BigCommerce platform will do all it can to help you. Isn’t it more important that you get the aid you need when you need it?

They have reduced waiting times. BigCommerce’s support team provides expert assistance, and enterprise clients get expedited service. 24/7 access to a team of support personnel is always available. Not just that, BigCommerce also provides guidance, training, and instructional assistance to businesses of all sizes.

These were just the five most essential reasons for choosing BigCommerce as the first preference for the eCommerce platforms. Let us see some other benefits of using BigCommerce.

Benefits Of Using BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform for numerous reasons. Here are some of the BigCommerce benefits which you should be aware of:

  • Mobile Optimised Interface: BigCommerce offers an easy-to-use UI perfectly optimized for any platform, even mobiles!
  • PayPal, Apple Pay Supported: The BigCommerce platform supports all the popular payment options.
  • Effective CMS: BigCommerce provides your eCommerce stores with the most effective content management system.
  • Cross-channel shopping: BigCommerce allows you to integrate cross-channel shopping into your eCommerce stores.
  • 100+ currencies accepted: BigCommerce allows eCommerce stores to accept over a hundred currencies, letting you take your business global.
  • Top-Class Security: BigCommerce protects your eCommerce platforms with the most secure software to ensure no hacks or data leaks.
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts: There are no limits on the number of staff accounts you may create on BigCommerce.
  • Effective Analytics: Expand your company using relevant stats provided by BigCommerce.
  • Excellent Performance: BigCommerce provides exceptional performance by default, and you can customize it to your needs.

These were the key benefits of using BigCommerce. These benefits, combined with the above reasons, make BigCommerce an excellent choice for developing an eCommerce platform.

Final Words

BigCommerce is the most trusted B2B and B2C eCommerce solution provider. It doesn’t matter if you are an eCommerce newbie and aren’t tech-savvy or if you operate a business and also are an expert in tech-related tasks; BigCommerce offers functional tools for everyone.

If you are still confused about choosing this platform or not then, you can contact us. WebDesk Solution has been a leading BigCommerce development company for over a decade. So we can help you choose the ideal eCommerce platform and develop a correct marketing plan.

We have certified BigCommerce experts and built many BigCommerce stores according to our client’s requirements and specifications. Our expert can help you with the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

BigCommerce is different from other eCommerce platforms in several ways. It is a scalable eCommerce platform with built-in features for advanced SEO, multi-channel selling, and customizable checkout pages. Its open architecture allows easy integration with third-party tools and offers top-notch security and compliance features.

Some of BigCommerce’s best features include a user-friendly interface, flexible and customizable design options, robust SEO and marketing tools, built-in payment gateways, and reliable hosting and security.

BigCommerce is used by many well-known companies across various industries, including Sony, Ubisoft Store, Skullcandy, Razer, and Black Diamond.

John Ahya
John Ahya

John is the President and Co-Founder of WebDesk Solution, LLC. Living the digital agency life for over 10 years, he explores an extensive eCommerce world. He has immense experience in all major e-commerce platforms. Being a nature lover, he likes to breathe the fresh air on the hill stations during vacations.

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