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Migration to Magento 2.0 & Enhanced User Experience for Camera Source

Migration to Magento 2.0 & Enhanced User Experience for Camera Source


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About Camera Source

The client, Camera Source, is a camera leader, offering the highest-quality devices compatible with various familiar cars, trucks, RVs, UTVs, and other vehicles. The client has an online store of thousands of items ranging from OEM-grade backup camera systems to a multi-camera agriculture package.

Camera Source was an existing client who operated an online store using Magento version 1. Camera Source and WebDesk Solution explored upgrading to version 2 when Magento updated the version. Camera Source recommended various specifications, including theme upgrades, new feature requests, and migration of Customers, orders, brands, and product categories from the previous version.

The most important module that the client wanted on their website was a product finder tool.


Trying to find a particular product in a vast catalogue may be a time-consuming and aggravating experience. Sales for an eCommerce store can be diminished by this fact, since consumers won't make purchases if it's difficult to locate a certain product. It's difficult to get people to visit the website; no store owners want to watch them get frustrated and leave when the purchasing process isn't spontaneous. Customers are looking for the easiest way to find a product and make their purchases online. Camera Source wanted to make it easy to find a particular part out of 100,000 if the customer doesn't know the part number.

Locating an appropriate component can be a difficult task, and if the customer does not have simple choices, this can result in a loss of sales. With the search function, users may choose their car's model and year from easy drop-down lists. Camera Source aimed to include a quick search function so that visitors can get a list of compatible items for their car. Instead of a customer searching for a product in a search box or bar, we integrated a custom search wizard extension that scans items aligned with their make, model, and year. A list of cars, parts, or accessories that fit their vehicle will appear as a result. A search box or bar is like limiting to modern consumers who want holistic, customized interactions.

Businesses with a large number of product SKUs can boost sales and conversion rates by assisting consumers in finding the appropriate product. Finding the perfect product can be challenging at times. Particularly if the customer is searching for something they only purchase once in a while or something with technical specifications, they cannot go wrong. Camera Source asked us to build a custom product finder tool that gives each shopper a unique experience. The client was looking for a new kind of approach that would enable consumers to assist themselves, solve problems, and get precisely what they were looking for as fast as possible.

Our Solution

Product Selection Wizard

The most complex challenge we had to solve was dealing with non-standardized product data, which included hundreds of unique fields and attributes for each product literally. We created a bespoke solution with many custom attribute filters once we established a content architecture and streamlined product data. This was not ideal, but it was necessary for the client because their clientele had been purchasing in this manner for decades. WebDesk created the filters but then backed them up with a Product Selection Wizard. This wizard guides the consumer via completing a few questions, which automatically chooses the attribute filters and narrows down their results, which are now done in seconds instead of minutes.

Make, Model, and Year Search

Our objective was to create a search feature that allows visitors to choose the Make, Model, and Year of their car(s) using simple drop-downs and then see a list of automobiles, parts, or accessories that match their vehicle. We took advantage of the opportunity to explore new methods in which technology potentially enables customers to have more personalized search experiences and find new items. It allows users to search for a specific car engine by type, year, make, and model using a series of drop-down options. This capability acts as an additional interface to the site's navigational structure and provides an alternative to standard search capabilities. To make it easier for consumers to locate specific products, the client can give numerous make, model, and year codes to a single item.

Custom Product Finder

Statistics in the eCommerce industry show that guided, easy product finders are the next wave in terms of user journey and conversion rate improvement. Customers will be more successful in a customised, self-solving, mobile-friendly environment if they use a product finder to help them. Instead of a conventional eCommerce site with pages and pages of products, product finders let consumers take the lead by providing well-thought-out, pre-programmed advice. WebDesk Created a comprehensive tool that makes it easier for customers to find the things they need in a few simple steps. We developed a tool that asks customers a set of multi-step, clear, and simple questions to help them narrow down the products that best meet their needs.

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