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Fine Art Canvas – Google Feed System Case Study

Fine Art Canvas – Google Feed System Case Study


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About Fine Art Canvas - Google Feed

Fine Art Canvas is a pioneer in offering a diverse selection of high-quality, economical art. When it comes to art, buyers of Fine Art Canvas are careful to consider how a piece of art will look in a specific setting.

Fine Art Canvas collaborated with WebDesk to build an aesthetically attractive storefront and a pleasurable user experience. They wanted to make their website as user-friendly as possible while simultaneously showcasing the integrity of a well-known brand. When an advertiser has a well-structured product feed, relevant adverts are shown to users searching for such items. There is a more significant probability of a prospective customer clicking on the ad if the text of the search query and the accompanying ad are identical. It is also easier to optimize and manage product feeds if the products and their information are appropriately labeled. The client required a module that automatically generates all different images, uploads them to their server, and auto-creates a well-structured Google feed. The URLs to the changed files on the server should also be updated so that the data presented in the Google feed is always up to date.


An impressive quantity of items is being sold by the client. However, for a better user experience, the client requested that each product be shown in 3D and in various lifestyle contexts. For example, customers who click on a metallic border product from a Google Feed are redirected to the store to view another product or one with a different border. As a result, customers are more likely to leave without making a purchase. The client wanted to supply exact data to market-related and targeted products to avoid such issues. The key challenge was to create all images in a simple, fast, and precise approach that also updated the Google Feed file's URL. The customer gave us all of the photos in 2D format and asked that we convert them to 3D with multiple border styles for the final products they would use. Moreover, the customer requested that the module handle a single product or all items uploaded at a specific date.

Our Solution

All 2D photos can now be converted to 3D with varying borders thanks to the custom code. It also customizes the URLs for various border colors with different products before submitting to Google Feed System using the custom module. A bespoke module we developed for the customer allows the client to quickly and easily produce various bordered 3D pictures. To create 3D photos with borders, the client just has to click a single button. We built a scheduler that makes all images daily to ensure that any updates to the product, such as pricing adjustments, are automatically synchronized with the google feed file. Updated items will be displayed, and photos created by the system will be uploaded to the server. The photos' URLs, descriptions, and prices are updated in the new Google Feed file as scheduled. If the customer wants to produce and upload photographs of a single product, we also incorporated a module in the bespoke web app. We submit it to the Google Feed Merchant center and schedule it to run at a particular time each day. To ensure that Google always has the most up-to-date data for marketing purposes.

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