Haggle it – Bargain System

Haggle it – Bargain System Case Study

Haggle it – Bargain System Case Study


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About Haggle it – Bargain System

Individuals’ buying items has changed because of eCommerce, yet the transaction and sale structure has remained relatively unchanged. People search for products they want, compare prices across websites, and then purchase with a discount coupon code if they have one.

The client came up with the idea of allowing customers to haggle to increase sales. This bridges the gap between online and offline interactions, empowers customers to take a more active role in transactions, uses psychological principles to optimize sales and the user experience, and innovates the concept of discounts. The client wanted us to create a comprehensive web app that works on any website by adding small code. In addition, the web app should have many features such as auto-accept, counteroffer, and easy to understand user interface. The concept of haggling gives customers a unique option: the ability to bargain with a merchant.


The client wanted to develop a simple but sophisticated method of allowing consumers to take control by providing them with the opportunity to propose a price. It was critical to ensure that sellers were not losing profits as a result of the lowball bids. Every consumer wants to bargain and get the best possible deal for themselves. The client wanted to develop a web application that would allow clients to provide the pricing that they need. The ability to counter the offer was requested into the project so that if the customer’s pricing does not fit the auto-accept criteria, the merchant can see and submit a counter offer.

Merchants are no longer restricted to a single platform in the era of eCommerce. The majority of merchants may choose to move platforms or may have several stores on various platforms. Given this awareness, the client’s requirement was to find a way to overcome this obstacle. The client desired to have a custom code created that would assist merchants in signing up in the most straightforward manner possible in order to interact with any platform for their business. It wasn’t easy since the framework differs significantly from platform to platform.

Because the client operates a distinct marketplace, the client desired that both systems operate in sync. Syncing between the two systems was difficult since they were running on separate platforms. An easy approach to connect vendor data and platforms was specified by the customer as one of the requirements. It was the client’s desire that a merchant register on the marketplace and, depending on the plan that was selected, be able to integrate with their store via the use of a small bespoke piece of code.

Our Solution

Counter Offer

Ability to counter any offer provides valuable metrics and allows merchants to maintain healthy profit margins. It regularly increases conversion rates and will enable customers to actively participate to receive a discount. That is why the ability to negotiate on big store websites has the potential to transform a sector. Merchants can include a "haggle it" button next to the "Add to cart" button. The merchant can import all the products with a single click.

For Buyers

A "Haggle it" button is available in addition to the Add to Cart button in our online app. Shoppers can enter an Offer Price after selecting this option. Then, suppose their Offer Price is equal to or greater than your Accept Price. In that case, the app automatically adds the item to their cart at the accepted price!

For Merchants

Suppose their offer price falls outside of the merchant's acceptable range. In that case, the offer is sent to the merchant for review and decision. Merchants that activate the app can add the "Haggle it" button to any or all of their items. The merchant has the option to accept, reject, or submit a counteroffer to the purchasers.

Integration Throughout Platforms

eCommerce has emerged as a critical component of every successful company, but just putting up an online store is only half of the fight to achieve success. It is equally crucial to build seamless communication between eCommerce platforms and other specialized business solutions. In addition, since most vendors sell on many platforms and may switch platforms at any exact right time. If the app's integration with the platform is cumbersome, utilizing the app decreases significantly. Precisely for this project, our team developed a bespoke JavaScript framework with the assistance of a custom library. It allows the merchant to integrate with any platform with a few lines for quick and easy integration.

Sync Of Two Platforms And Systems

WebDesk has also collaborated with the client to develop a distinct marketplace. The customer desired a smooth integration between this web app and the marketplace. The customer expected that all merchants who registered on the marketplace would have access to the web app, and this was the client's vision. According to the plan that merchants choose, they will have access to various capabilities in the web app. WebDesk developed bespoke functionality that allows both systems to operate in sync with one another. It was challenging since the two projects ran on separate platforms. Still, due to the expertise of WebDesk, we were able to develop a custom code that resolved this underlying matter.

Our Solution