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Klik Deals Case Study


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About Klik Deals

It is the mission of Klik Deals to help small companies on an enormous scale. It's no secret that small companies are at the heart of any healthy community, and they work diligently to help them grow their reach and attract

It was the client's goal to connect customers with their vendors virtually at any time and from any location in order to increase vendor revenue. Comprehensively, they approached us to develop two applications, one for consumers and one for merchants. The need was to display all available offers depending on geography and classify them.


Using geolocation, Klik Deals aimed to make deals more convenient for their customers. The primary need was that users should only have access to the localised versions of the offerings.

The customer intended to use geolocation as one of the most essential aspects in their location marketing. Geo advertising was included in the scope since it is the practise of distributing adverts depending on the geographic location of the targeted audience.

For Klik deals to show and manage orders, as well as pick a sequence of advertising, the Manage Display Order module was a critical requirement.

Our Solution

Geolocation Based Deals

Geolocation-based solutions enable the client to provide all advantages to their consumers at the appropriate time and in the correct place, while also guaranteeing that their customers’ personal information is safe and secure. Geolocation in combination with cross-platform mobile applications lays the groundwork for improved customer experiences and gives potential for Klik Discounts to combine location with other information to create context-enriched deals. A customer may view a bargain that is nearest to him rather than browsing a pool of deals only to discover that the deal they selected is far away.

Sponsored Ads – Geolocation enabled

Geolocation advertising is really coming into its own as a means for businesses to reach out to their target audience. With the increased use of smartphones, there has never been a better moment to use this location-based technology. WebDesk developed geolocation-based advertising, which includes sponsored advertisements that the customer may manage through their own dashboard. As targeting becomes more exact, it enables the client to tailor the content given and generate high relevance.

Mange Order Display Module

Vendor Order Module allows Klik Deals to select which popular merchants are displayed according to their location. A custom module allows the administrator to show them in the order they are desired. The admin can also display advertisements in a particular sequence based on the user’s location.

Our Solution