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eCommerce Store Migration to BigCommerce & Built a Custom Solution for Faceted Filters

eCommerce Store Migration to BigCommerce & Built a Custom Solution for Faceted Filters


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Outdoor Limited offers one of the most comprehensive inventories of quality rimfire, pistol, and rifle ammunition available anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Outdoor Limited offers a wide and diverse variety of ammunition available for purchase.

Their Volusion shop was already up and running, but they were looking to upgrade due to a variety of issues with reliability, maintenance, and compatibility with third-party applications. They wanted a platform that would provide them with the robustness and advanced features they were looking for. In addition, they want additional functionality for their new website, such as search and product filtering, among other things.


Ecommerce site search is a search engine solution that one can include into their online store. Users may discover the precise items they’re searching for on an ecommerce website by matching keywords, which is the most fundamental use of the tool. Users are becoming used to the extensive features of major online and social media search engines, as well as their near remarkable ability to understand and provide relevant results to complicated search queries intelligently. The client sought to enhance search for their ecommerce store in order to increase traffic, conversion, and loyalty while decreasing bounce rates.

eCommerce product filtering assists website visitors in narrowing down the particular product they’re searching for and discovering products they may be interested in based on certain characteristics (e.g., size, category). Product filtering is what enables website visitors to enjoy and appreciate your large product catalogue rather than bemoaning it. If the product filtering is not designed to be as helpful as possible, the visitors will get irritated and leave. Outdoor Limited sought to improve the user experience by adding additional filtering options that direct customers to the correct product they require. They also aimed to use round per cost to provide clients with a clear picture of what they are paying for.

While the huge percentage of eCommerce shipments arrive at their destinations undamaged, package theft or damage may create a genuinely unpleasant experience for the customer—which is nearly always terrible news for any brand, regardless of whether the loss was within the store’s control. Consumers care about shipping because they want the best shopping experience, the best pricing, and the best customer service, but it is the delivery procedure that enables customers to touch the goods. Outdoor Limited collaborated with a third party to provide shipping protection earlier. However, to reduce cost and dependability on others, they wanted to build in house shipping protection that a customer can use optional.

Our Solution

Custom Search

Outdoor Limited requested a search feature that was both powerful and expandable, providing real-time search results based on user intentions and actions. WebDesk chose Klevu for their search requirements because it combines machine learning and natural language processing skills to provide the most relevant results to the user. We have enabled users to customize their search after receiving a list of preliminary results. When Outdoor Limited adds a new product to the system, it is synchronised with BigCommerce's customised database through a bespoke webhook for intelligent search results.

Custom Filter, Per Round Cost

WebDesk's developers created faceted filters with brand-appropriate colour combinations and criteria to improve the aesthetics and user experience. This, in conjunction with the rest of the design work for the homepage, blog, system and content pages, banners, and category and product pages, resulting in a more unified online experience. To optimise their experience, customers may, for example, pick how many goods show on a page and organise them according to a variety of factors (price, newest, reviews, availability, and many more).

For a better user experience, Outdoor Limited decided to display a pricing per round based on a simple computation. WebDesk incorporated the price per round on category, product, cart, and other pages.

Shipping Protection

The fact that some eCommerce shipments are damaged or stolen en route and some eCommerce shipments are stolen means that providing shipping insurance on the store is essential. WebDesk has developed a selection of unique shipping and packaging choices for customers to choose from. Outdoor Limited was making use of the services of a third-party shipping protection provider. They had an innovative idea in mind that would provide the end consumer with additional options while also lowering expenses. Following a discussion with the WebDesk team about various options, they decided to provide additional packing options and shipping protection as additional optional services.

Our Solution


With a mobile-first mentality, we crafted an elegant design that seamlessly adapts to any screen size or device.

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