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PacknWood Multistore Case Study

PacknWood Multistore Case Study


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About PacknWood Multistore

Packnwood has over 40 years of experience in distributing and manufacturing environmentally conscious disposable tableware and food packaging. They are a genuinely large organization with operations in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. In addition, they have a multi-store website that caters to customers from various countries and languages.

You wouldn't put on the same outfit as you did ten years ago. You wouldn't advertise the same as you did five years ago. The way users access the internet, and the technology and usefulness of a website evolve with time. Packnwood, the client, wanted us to redesign their dwindling store by making different improvements and adding customization options. It also wanted us to develop and incorporate marketing tools like SEO, conversion-focused tools like mouseflow. They have suggested that we streamline all of the sites to provide a straightforward user interface.


Since it was going to be a multi-store, the client needed to place a given product on multiple website variants with the appropriate information and images. It was complicated since some of the images were displayed on one version of the website but were missing on another version, making it hard to work.

Some website variants only accepted payments via PayPal, Stripe, or both in the previous website version. The client desired a more streamlined procedure. In addition, the payment functionality was not functional as a result of problems with the gateway flow.

For every company, increasing the number of conversions is one of the most desired outcomes. Because of the limitations of a multi-store, the blogs were not displaying and did not contribute to improving the SEO and conversion. Our goal was to overcome this challenge to expand their reach.

Our Solution

Product Images

The old website featured panoramic movies, but the links to them had been broken, and as a result, the videos were no longer available, and customers were instead greeted with a blank screen on their screens. We've updated the player edition and corrected all of the links and the positioning of the product pages on the site. However, it was not a simple fix since Webdesk developed a particular script to remove all missing pictures and references before using the same script to reupload the missing images.

Product Images

Payment Integration

It is essential to have a simple payment gateway that works perfectly to prevent income and client losses. The site formerly featured various payment methods for different multi-stores, with some accepting payments via Paypal and others accepting payments using the Stripe payment gateway. Due to problems with the payment gateway conflict, the flow became stalled, and customers could not make the payment. To provide a consistent user experience, Webdesk developed a personalized script to resolve the issue with the payment gateway.

Payment Integration

Custom Search From Mobile

Users may discover the specific items they're searching for on an eCommerce website by matching keywords, which is the most fundamental use of this feature. Search capabilities, on the other hand, extend far further than that, as they ought to. Previously, their mobile website did not provide faceted search functionality. Therefore, we created a script to refine their search after receiving preliminary results to provide a faceted search.

Custom Search From Mobile
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