People Around Me

A Memory Game App Designed To Help You Memorize The Faces And Personal Details Of Individuals You Choose To Enter

People Around Me


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About People Around Me

The app is built as a game that allows you to memorize faces and details that you choose to enter about people you have chosen while having a fun memory game. Practicing identifying the pool of faces you upload to the app may significantly improve your ability to identify them and immediately retrieve the name and other details you have chosen to upload to the app. You can upload any image you want to memorize, people close to you, celebrities, politicians, friends, and even Flowers Trees, or Birds, so you can easily identify them.


Developing a Flutter game application can present difficulties, particularly when dealing with multiple languages. In the case of our app, implementing it in both Hebrew and English is a challenge. The most arduous aspect of the application is the user interface, particularly because selecting Hebrew results in a complete change in the UI from left-to-right (LTR) to right-to-left (RTL) orientation.

The next challenge in developing our application is incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, we aim to implement an AI component that prevents the repetition of previously identified faces and instead prioritizes those that the user has difficulty recognizing.

Our Solution

The biggest challenge we faced was developing a multi-language app. To overcome this challenge, WebDesk developed custom classes to address issues such as RTL support, string translation, font support, text expansion, and UI layout. With these solutions in place, tasks that previously took minutes can now be completed in seconds.

Features And Customization

The people Around Me app is a memory game that helps improve memory retention by allowing users to upload a pool of faces and associated details for memorization. With Artificial Intelligence preventing the repetition of faces, the app concentrates on those that pose a challenge to the user. The app is useful for individuals interested in memorizing faces for social or business purposes or those suffering from dementia.

Features And Customization
People Around Me
Mobile App

Mobile App

The app targets people with dementia or those who want to memorize faces for social, business, or personal reasons.

Mobile App