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About Scouter

Our Scouter app is designed to cater to the needs of football enthusiasts looking to stay updated with the latest scores and batting statistics. With our app, you can get real-time updates on football matches from various leagues worldwide, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more. Our app also offers personalized notifications and alerts, so you never miss a crucial moment in a match. You can set up notifications for specific teams, players, or events, and get instant updates on your phone.


Scouter is an application that is specific to news updated on football matches and tournaments only. Herein all the details and information are fetched through API which transmits information on a real-time basis.

In this course of action, our focus is majorly on revamping the design of the mobile application. The major wall that stood in the course of development was to make sure that the information that gets fetched through API does not hamper the set design. The consideration goes with the colour combinations, icons based on events and updates of the set colour based on the events that get updated in real-time.

Our Solution

Developing a dynamic solution that gets adjusted on a real time basis and we have thoroughly tested this making sure that every probability and combination in terms updates whether it is daily or weekly basis. Additionally, the testing and development was made to be in parallel with real time events which was an extra measure to cover every type of tournament and events. We conducted root cause analysis to at time find the faults in the API which were then and later cemented again then deep analysis and solutions.

Features And Customization

Some common features of the football news update application includes new enhanced design bonded with real time information update, customized icons for various types of event, follow your favorite team and leagues around the globe. Displays multiple platforms for new real time user events and games based on match probability.

Features And Customization
Mobile App

Mobile App

A real time event update application that focuses on football and displayed information to third party applications for betting.

Mobile App