TagRobot App Case Study

The Brief

About Project

When it comes to automating order processing and fulfillment, order tagging is a crucial step. A fantastic concept came from TagRobot, the client, who came up with a Shopify app that makes it easy to set up criteria for automatic tagging. As an outcome, the tags applied to customers and orders can categorize and filter.

Customer and order tags were added to both past and current orders by the client, who sought to improve the existing app for this purpose. In addition, there are other features like adding a new rule, checking the list of rules, enabling and deactivating rules, refreshing the list of rules, as well as editing, deleting, and applying rules.


The Challenges

Risk Tagging

Every online business owner aspires to be successful and build a well-known brand. As a result, the more prominent a brand is, the more likely it will be targeted by online fraudsters. One needs to take these concerns seriously and devise measures to counteract and mitigate the effect of fraud on online stores. A person’s personal and credit card data may be used to perform online fraud, and the card does not need to be present for the transaction. Fraud committed by criminals is more severe than friendly fraud, in which the client makes an unintentional chargeback to get free products and avoid payment. The client requested functionality that automatically generates and applies tags depending on the threat level.

Custom Tagging

The client asked that all orders, customers, and items be automatically tagged. Using tags to apply a specific set of criteria to a large number of things might make it easier to filter. However, despite the app’s ease of use and its ability to modify tag modifications and apply them to a specific set of items, the client needed this app to operate not only for current and future orders but also for previous ones. They also wanted it to work with custom tags and rules.


Our Solution

Risk Tagging

When a consumer does not provide permission for a transaction, it is considered fraudulent. A chargeback might result in the loss of money for the shop owner if the transaction is fraudulent. It is usually a good idea for merchants to review their orders for fraud before they are automatically sent to fulfillment. It allows business owners to put any suspicious orders on hold while the rest of the purchases are automatically fulfilled. A lot depends on how they intend to manage high-risk transactions and the current order procedure. We used the Order Risk API to create appropriate tags, such as medium, low, and high, to address this issue.

Custom Tagging

WebDesk Solution has created a highly customizable TagRobot Shopify application that assists merchants in forming tags for orders and customers. TagRobot is also available inside the merchant’s store notification templates (including Order Printer), allowing them to personalize notifications based on the tags they deem appropriate for their store and customers. The store will analyze each new order for each tagging rule once a merchant has created a set of tagging rules using TagRobot. If any of the rule criteria are met, the order will be marked according to the rule; they can apply their standards to previous orders in addition to automatically marking new ones. TagRobot allows them to arrange their consumers efficiently using tags. For example, a store owner wishes to compile a list of all consumers who have placed an order for a specific item. They have to define the rule, apply it to previous orders, and identify and tag customers with that criteria.


Order Tag

Merchants can use an Order Tag to classify or categorize orders. It can prove vital to getting insights into the orders placed, such as orders with discount codes, orders from a specified region, etc. The Order Tag can get order information before applying the auto tag to orders that meet the rule parameters. TagRobot allows merchants to set rules for order segmentation and grouping for various purposes, including marketing, product sales analysis, and more.

Customer Tag

Customer Tags allow a merchant to categorize consumers into groups based on numerous business characteristics. They may also use TagRobot to organize or arrange customers into groups, restrict the use of discount coupons, or limit access to specific areas of their store. Most merchants utilize Customer Tags to classify their consumers into marketing lists depending on their purchase behavior. The customer tagger will read the order details and then apply an auto tag to the customer’s record. In TagRobot, a business may design rules to tag clients depending on their purchase, how much they spend, and other factors.


Our unique module applies the new rules even to orders that have already been created in the past. Furthermore, the admin may apply specified rules to previous orders depending on the data range that they have chosen. It allows for a great deal of personalization since it offers the most effective automation options for both current and future orders and historical orders based on a variety of dates and criteria.


Client Testimonials

WebDesk Solution team was pretty easy to work on our website, the designers were excellent at their job as they created the design as per our expectations. The most important part for our website was the Data migration, for which we were a bit worried but the way they created the script and migrated the whole data was the best thing because we saw that the whole data was migrated without any loss. The project managers were very polite throughout the project and in the warranty period, too.

We at Camera Source, recommend WebDesk Solution for their services as we are highly satisfied with the work and their customer service.

Chris Triplett

Indiana, USA
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Nick La Maina 1 week ago
Great experience working with Mike and team. Fast communication and high quality work. Look forward to working with them on future projects!
Dave Clark 3 weeks ago
John at WebDesk Solution was very helpful doing a small change at no charge several months after completing a home page update for our client's online store. It is good to find a supplier who will continue to assist well after a job is completed. Dave Clark - Soulutions Inc
T.J. McCambridge 3 weeks ago
WebDesk was a great company to work with! They did a complete redesign of our online store, hit all the needed deadlines, and we are very happy with the outcome. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an upgrade to their web design!
edmond azaryan 3 weeks ago
i have worked with this company for over 5 years now, on multiple projects, they are excellent in the work they do and in support after the project is complete. 100% recommend!
Klik Deals 10 months ago
WebDesk Solution was referred by one of our friend that had worked with them. The idea of the app was to provide local deals in the city and our major concern was the security of our data. We spent a good time communicating with John and we found his company not just a development agency but our app's technology consultancy as he suggested the best technology to use by keeping our security concerns in mind and he also suggested a few other features which we didn't think even. His explanation was crystal clear of why we should use flutter for the Mobile app and laravel for the backend of the mobile app. We were stunned to see the easy to navigate custom dashboard with features like Vendor Management, Coupon's management, Analytics, and Reports to name a few.

We spent almost a year in the development of the Mobile app with an easy to use backend and an informative App landing page. This team is now managing our complete technical requirements as we are still expanding the app functionality with a good response from our customers in the first launch.

We feel we will use WebDesk Solution for years and we recommend their services to everyone in our network.
Supervision Optical a Year ago
We had to develop an online store for our Optical business(Supervision Optical) and we found WebDesk Solution from one of our contacts

WebDesk Solution team explained to us the functionalities we should need on the website and we were amazed to see their knowledge. Their quotation was quite impressive as they provided me with a detailed scope of what I will get on the website.

About the price, This team wasn't the cheapest, it wasn't the most expensive, but it was by far the best value. They provided the mockups which were exactly what we expected and the development was also pixel perfect.

This was a 5-star experience and we have also signed the maintenance contract with them.
Anvi Can Corporation a Year ago
We wanted a top-quality corporate website with a custom design as per our business needs. Webdesk Solution helped us with a couple of mockups at the very first stage as per the branding guidelines we provided them. Their design skills were excellent and they proposed us Wordpress CMS as we told them we need something SEO friendly and they explained how Wordpress CMS will be beneficial for us in long term SEO for our website.

As per our business needs, they developed our website and delivered us on time. The best part was that we didn't found any issues after they asked us to review the first version of our website.

We highly recommend Webdesk Solution as a professional WordPress development agency and there are no regrets of hiring them as we were disappointed with our previous website agency.
Excellent company to work with!

After a quick call he understood my needs and within a few days my issue was solved! i would definitely use them again and again
Priyanka Patel a Year ago
I had a problem with my site and contacted them for help. I needed an urgent fix and they were VERY VERY good!

Responsive, listened to my needs and solved my problem very quickly!

I would use them again and again
Brandon Jones
a year ago WebDesk Solution has refreshed our website twice over the past few years. Both times they were great to work with. James and his team really stay on top of the project, keep you informed, and stayed on me when information was requested from my side. Their pricing is fair, the work is great, and their communication is top notch. I would recommend WebDesk Solution and would use them again in the future. Thanks for the great website!
Patricia Tyson a Year ago
These guys are great! I had a very complicated request to fulfill and they were able to execute what I wanted and beyond!

If you have a project that needs a professional and polished touch and you want a professional and polished customer service experience, the teams at WebDesk Solution are a must!
Horizon Group Company a year ago
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Serge Vilmar a Year ago
John at WebDesk Solution was very patient and paid close attention to what I wanted for my website. I am very pleased with the design that resulted from their team's efforts. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with WebDesk Solution as I work to brand my company. John fantastic job.

Thank you,
Serge Vilmar
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