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Built An App for Real-Time 3D Rendering & Custom Filters for Shopify Plus Store

Built An App for Real-Time 3D Rendering & Custom Filters for Shopify Plus Store


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About Fine Art Canvas

Fine Art Canvas is a pioneer in providing a broad selection of high-quality, affordable art. Because Fine Art Canvas offers a wide range of art, their customers are cautious with how a piece of art would seem in a particular setting.

Fine Art Canvas partnered with WebDesk for some advanced development items to create a visually stunning storefront and an enjoyable user experience. They wanted to provide an intuitive user experience with tonnes of customizations on their website while also promoting the integrity of a well-established brand. WebDesk’s sophisticated responsive development for FineArt Canvas was a vital component of the project. It ensured a pleasant shopping experience regardless of the device used to visit the website.


Product listings and their filtering and sorting features influence how simple or complicated it is for the user to explore the site’s product catalog. Unless customers can simply explore your product listings, it is unlikely that they will discover what they are searching for – and if they do not find it, they will not be able to purchase it. Fine Art Canvas has an extensive collection of paintings, thus offering just a rudimentary filtering tool would only serve to lose customers. Since Shopify’s native filtering capabilities are limited, the project’s scope included a comprehensive and diverse filter system that provides the pathway from category pages and search results to the all-important product page.

Even though Shopify is a fantastic platform in general, there are times when it does not meet specific criteria. As an art store, it was critical to have an artist page that was feature-rich and easily adaptable for future updates. It is essential to have an artist’s page because it allows the artists to positively build up their reputation by providing customers with the opportunity to learn about them and their artwork. Having a dedicated artist’s page to showcase their work allows the artist to build their portfolio while also instilling confidence and establishing their reputation in the community. WebDesk developers adapted the vendor page to serve as an artist page. We assigned art as a product and artist to the vendor.

A product page is essential on an e-commerce website because it provides customers with information about the product and allows them to learn everything they need to know about the product they want to buy. If the customer can see the art being rendered in real time, they will be able to make the best decision for the craftsmanship. There were numerous options for frame size, colour, and background. The combinations totaled more than 100, and Shopify limits product page variations to 100. In order to provide a top-notch user experience, the client had asked to work around that limitation. Real-time 3D rendering and displaying all available variations in quick 3D renders were among some of the requirements.

Our Solution

Custom Filtering System

Filters provide an excellent opportunity to display a range of items, enhance the UX, attract a larger audience, and increase sales. WebDesk created an interactive filter that changes filter options based on selection, guaranteeing that a customer finds at least one result for each filter result. For example, suppose a customer picks Nature from the collection filter and has no round-shaped products available. In that case, the round filter option will be eliminated from the filters as soon as he selects Nature from the collection filter. WebDesk developed a bespoke module that enables Filters by Collections, Shape, Artist, and Color to give more fantastic alternatives using a custom private app.

Artist Page

We built a landing page for artists that showcases three featured artists, along with their name, image, description, and a link to their product page. With a straightforward approach, the client will manage the featured artists using a custom private application. In addition, we have created a unique filter for this page depending on the alphabet of the artist's name. Through our bespoke solution, the admin will also manage all of the featured artist's videos on the featured section.

Real-time 3D Rendering

A product page is essential on an e-commerce website that provides customers with information about the product. A real-time rendering of the art with selected options in the lifestyle image adds appeal and attention to the consumer. WebDesk built a unique module to circumvent variety since product kind, size, and numerous frame options generate far too many variations. Instead, there are lifestyle images on the product page that a consumer can choose from. The size, frame, and canvas or non-canvas type produce a quick render that attracts the eye and helps the customer decide. Converting 2D pictures into lifelike 3D graphics was a complex process, but having it on the website provides enormous benefits.

Our Solution


With a mobile-first mentality, we crafted an elegant design that seamlessly adapts to any screen size or device.

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