UI & UX Design Services

Design an excellent experience for your users on the web and mobile platforms.We’re experts in creating beautiful and smooth UI/UX designs that provide seamless user experience at every stage of your customer journey.

Flawless UX = More Sales + Happy Customers

UI & UX design plays an essential role in the success of any business. If you want to offer an excellent experience to the user while they access your website, mobile app and software, consider building a seamless UI & UX design. A flawless UI & UX design will enhance user satisfaction and engagement, which results in better conversions & revenue for a business. Moreover, a great UI & UX increases brand loyalty. Good UX design can differentiate a business’s product from its competitors and give it a competitive advantage. With 11+ years of experience in UI/UX design services, Our team of designers delivers a full range of custom web and mobile app design services according to your specifications and business requirements.

At WebDesk Solution, we have created and maintained our reputation not just as a leading custom web design agency but also earned a respected reputation as an eCommerce web design company. Housed by experienced designers, we can serve you with the best custom web design services to enhance and expand your business among your target audience. We leave no stone unturned to help you with a customized modus operandi to deliver an unbiased experience.


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    Our UI & UX Design Services

    UI & UX Consulting

    UI & UX Consulting

    With our UI/UX consulting services, we offer the best suggestions & guidance to clients on enhancing their user interface, improving navigation, and user experience on the web & mobile. Our UI/UX consultants are deeply involved with every business to propose a solution that fulfills the needs of their business & end-users.

    Corporate Branding & Graphics Design

    Corporate Branding & Graphics Design

    We provide the best corporate and graphic design services for your website or app to help you build a consistent visual identity for your business. These services include logo design, marketing materials, website or app design, etc.

    UX Audit

    UX Audit

    We provide extensive UX audit services for web, mobile, and eCommerce stores. Our experts analyze your website or app by checking its user interface, navigation, content, and usability. Further, they provide recommendations to improve UX, leading to a high conversion & user satisfaction rate.

    High-Fidelity Prototype

    High-fidelity Prototype

    We offer top-notch high-fidelity prototype services for small to big websites or apps. Our UI/UX designers create a high-fidelity prototype that gives a true representation of the final products. The prototype consists of functional interactions, animations, and visuals in detail.

    Wireframes & Blueprints

    Wireframes & Blueprints

    We have expertise in offering premium wireframe & blueprint services. Our UI/UX designers use the latest design tools to design attractive wireframe & blueprint designs for a website or app that denotes its layout, interface, and functionality.

    Custom Web Design

    Custom Web Design

    Get a custom design for your website or web app through our web design services. Our UI/UX design team follows the latest web design trends and uses reliable designing tools to create a tailor-made website that represents a brand and its audience well.

    Custom App Design

    Custom App Design

    We offer best-in-class custom app design services for Android and iOS. We leverage the best mobile app design tools and practices to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive design that offers excellent user satisfaction.

    eCommerce UX design

    eCommerce UX design

    We provide exemplary eCommerce UX design services on the web & mobile. Our UI/UX professionals emphasize enhancing layout, making attractive visuals, improving navigation, and building a consistent brand identity, which leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

    Usability Testing

    Usability Testing

    Get exclusive usability testing services for your website or app. We conduct standard usability-related testing on real users to identify problems that they are facing while accessing websites or apps. Further, we address these issues by improving user experience.

    Our UI & UX Design Process

    UX Design Process
    UI Design Process

    We Follow Key Factors that Influence User Experience

    • In-Depth Customer Analysis In-depth Customer Analysis
    • Visually Appealing Wireframes & Prototypes Visually Appealing Wireframes & Prototypes
    • Modern UI that Meets Users Needs Modern UI that Meets Users Needs
    • Responsive on Multiple Devices & Screens Responsive on Multiple Devices & Screens
    • Enhanced Navigation Enhanced Navigation
    • Effective & Clear Call to Action Effective & Clear Call to Action
    • SEO-Friendly Design SEO-Friendly Design
    • Consistent Across Devices & Screen Sizes Consistent Across Devices & Screen Sizes
    UI/UX Designers

    Hire UI/UX Designers

    Our highly-experienced UI/UX designers leverage popular designing tools and the latest UI/UX trends to provide the best design solutions. Hire our dedicated UI/UX designers to modify an existing design or create a new design from scratch. Moreover, we ensure to deliver a UI/UX design that satisfies the needs of the end-users and the business.

    Get UI/UX Experts

    Why Do Brands Choose Us For UI & UX Design Services?

    • Expertise

      We have massive experience in offering UI UX design services and also knowledge of modern design trends and best practices.

    • Design Approach

      We follow a user-centric approach, which means the design we create is user-friendly & simple to navigate. It results in better engagement and high user satisfaction.

    • Latest Designing Tools

      Our UI/UX design team leverages the top design tools to deliver modern and attractive designs for every business.

    • Scalability & Flexibility

      Our UI/UX professionals work on a project of any complexity and ensure that the final design is scalable & flexible.

    • Competitive Pricing

      We provide cost-effective pricing for UI/UX design services and ensure to work on a budget that is best for your business.

    • Collaboration & Communication

      We constantly keep our clients in the loop to ensure we are going in the right direction and delivering a design that fulfills their goals.

    Faqs Regarding UI&UX Design Services

    • Will my business benefit from UI/UX design services?

      With the help of UI/UX design services, you can keep your website or app design up-to-date. Further, it increases the usability of your website or app. It helps you to sustain existing users and attract new users.

    • What’s the difference between UI and UX design?

      UI design emphasizes on layout and visual representation of the website or app. On the contrary, UX design emphasizes the user’s experience while interacting on a website or an app.

    • How much do you charge for UI/UX design?

      The cost of UI/UX designers is about $30 to $50 per hour. It further varies based on the location & experience of the designer. The cost to design a website or app starts from $5,000 to $50,000 per year. It further varies based on the complexity, location, skills, design methodology, etc.

    • Which tools do you use for UI/UX design?

      We utilize various modern design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, etc., to design user-friendly and attractive websites and apps.

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