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Migration of Magento 1.0 Store to Magento 2.0 & Evolved Magento 2.0 Store User Experience

Migration of Magento 1.0 Store to Magento 2.0 & Evolved Magento 2.0 Store User Experience Case Study


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About Compressor World

Compressor World is the leading supplier of air compressors for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. Compressor World has always relied on retail sales for revenues. Still, it has made substantial changes to seek opportunities in eCommerce, such as the opportunity to reach a bigger market and undertake focused digital marketing strategies. They required a completely new eCommerce storefront for their air compressor "SuperStore." To complement their outstanding assortment of items, a freshly designed and constructed online store for their business would require a similarly polished and very modern look, as well as seamless brand integration. WebDesk Solution's designers produced a new bespoke homepage with unique banners to feature their popular items and discounts conspicuously and attractively to visitors to their website when we built the website from the ground up.


Finding the precise and perfect product might be challenging at times, especially if the consumer is looking for something they only buy once in a while or something with stringent technical specifications. The scope included a tool that assists in finding a suitable product with a few queries; a product finder can quickly guide a user from being perplexed to discovering a product. The scope of the project includes a five-step product finding tool that is simple and quick.

It is critical to display all necessary product information so that the customer can decide which product to purchase. A customer who receives too much or unorganised information may become overwhelmed. Tabs enable the display of organised information on a single page without cluttering the product page. A specialized panel with tabs was essential for keeping the product page clutter-free while containing all the relevant information. Therefore, Compressor World has the concept of creating a hybrid panel that has some native functionality and some custom solutions.

Shipping is unquestionably a difficult part of any online product-based company. Every company will have unique difficulties that must be worked through and conquered in order to create the finest and most effective ecommerce shipping solutions. Understanding all of the factors and changing how to handle delivering ecommerce orders is critical to its long-term health and profitability. It was critical for Compressor World to provide a range of delivery options that may be changed at any moment in the future. They wanted the shipping choice to be included in the total right away.

Our Solution

Product Finder Tool

We created a 5-step product finder tool that works as a product adviser and is intended to replicate consultative sales procedures in stores by assisting customers to narrow a list of goods to a manageable number based on individual preferences and needs. This allows customers to complete a few questions and receive a suggestion for the goods they require. Finally, the purpose of this product finder is to assist the user, and there are several methods to do that other than just delivering a result. The client wanted to make it easy for different sorts of customers to choose the perfect product. WebDesk has created an interactive and adaptive product finder tool that provides customers with straightforward ways to browse the selection and make a purchasing decision.

Tabbed Browsing With Custom Panel

People who want to buy items online must first grasp what an eCommerce website sells and locate an item of interest. Some people will search for a product if they know exactly what they want, but many more may browse to see what items are available and which best meet their needs. We designed and integrated tabbed navigation on CMS pages. It allows users to quickly bounce back and forth when comparing things, searching for the best deal and reviewing all vital information products. In addition, customers will discover expert reviews, technical data, and an auto adjustment function to decrease white space on the page. WebDesk has built a custom plugin to provide a label and value-based information. Furthermore, our developers included unique product reviews, 360-degree overview videos, documentation, and product Q&A.

One Page Checkout Customization

Proper planning and tactics are required for ecommerce shipping in order for your company to achieve maximum success. It is not without its difficulties, and to overcome them, one must put in significant effort. A reliable ecommerce delivery system is a critical component of any online company, particularly in this day and age when customers demand fast, free, or low-cost shipping. Due to the weight of the equipment sold by Compressor World, it is necessary to provide additional shipping options. One of the most essential steps any company can take to thrive online is to put in place an effective eCommerce shipping strategy. In order to avoid any extra expenses, the customer requested a number of delivery options that would not incur any additional charges.

One Page Checkout Customization
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