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Fine Art Canvas – Amazon Image Creation Case Study

Fine Art Canvas – Amazon Image Creation Case Study


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About Fine Art Canvas - Amazon Image Creation

Fine Art Canvas is a pioneer in offering a diverse selection of high-quality, economical art. When it comes to art, buyers of Fine Art Canvas are careful to consider how a piece of art will look in a specific setting.

Fine Art Canvas collaborated with WebDesk to build an aesthetically attractive storefront and a pleasurable user experience. They wanted to make their website as user-friendly as possible while simultaneously showcasing the integrity of a well-known brand. With the correct keywords and appealing language in place, customers may not feel secure enough to purchase the item they are looking at if they don’t see any attractive images. The majority of buyers want at least three high-quality photographs before making a purchase. Use the correct e-commerce images to entice visitors, answer queries visually, and persuade them to purchase your product or service. It was the client’s goal to supply all updated photographs with 3D renderings that resembled real-life lifestyles. The client provided a canvas artwork, and wanted a way to generate a series of photographs depicting everyday life. An easy-to-use tool was requested from us by the customer, who had only given us a single product picture. In order to update and upload photographs at the same time, Amazon does not give an application. When it came to generating and uploading photographs to the amazon store, the client was looking for a solution.


There is a tendency for consumers to go to a website with an idea of what they want to purchase in mind when they arrive. Product images inconsistent with current consumer expectations may result in dissatisfaction and a decrease in sales for the company. An e-commerce product picture may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is a 3D representation of the product and a real-world setting to see how the product would appear in a real-world situation. The customer requested a bespoke module that would allow them to easily update all of their products on Amazon and produce all of the appropriate photos in all of the various settings.

Our Solution

For each product, the client requested a single canvas picture and a variety of lifestyle photographs to be shown on Amazon. It was requested by the customer that we create a solution that would provide the client the ability to quickly generate all of their product photos from a single two-dimensional product image. As Amazon does not offer a facility to update and upload photographs simultaneously, it was not possible. The specialists at WebDesk designed a solution that helps the client produce all lifestyle photographs efficiently and build a CSV file that matches the client's requirements with the aid of custom code developed by the team. The CSV file contains the location of each of the lifestyle images created. Depending on the product, a variety of lifestyle photographs get generated; some product photos might be as little as two or as many as seven; all are automated.

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