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Fine Art Canvas – Custom Artist Page Case Study

Fine Art Canvas – Custom Artist Page Case Study


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About Fine Art Canvas - Custom Artist

Fine Art Canvas is a pioneer in offering a diverse selection of high-quality, economical art. When it comes to art, buyers of Fine Art Canvas are careful to consider how a piece of art will look in a specific setting.

Fine Art Canvas collaborated with WebDesk to create a visually pleasing storefront that provided a joyful customer experience. They were looking for ways to make their website as user-friendly as feasible while still showing the integrity of a well-known brand in the process. Even while Shopify is an excellent platform in general, there are situations when it does not suit specific requirements. As an art store, it was imperative to establish an artist page that was feature-rich and readily flexible for future improvements. In addition, the client wanted to have an artist’s page since it helps artists positively enhance their reputation by giving clients the chance to learn about them and their artwork.


Having a separate artist’s page assists the artist to grow their catalog while also connected to positive and generating a brand image in the market. It wasn’t easy to meet all of the specifications since Shopify does not have a built-in artist page, which was a significant requirement component. As an art business, having a feature-rich artist page and readily flexible for possible developments was vital.

Customers who want a particular color, shape, style, or kind will instead go to the store with the most alternatives. However, if customers can not readily locate what they’re searching for, having a vast assortment of items might be detrimental. Therefore, the requirement was to create an individual artist page with their own set of filters, shapes, or colors. The condition was unique as all artwork has a wide range of tags, colors that can be used as filters. Providing extreme customization on each artist page was a unique and challenging idea.

Our Solution

The artist landing page features three artists with a link to shop their collections. The beautiful design has a list of alphabets, so each artist's name is just a click away. The customers can also view all artists or featured artists from the landing page.

WebDesk developers created artist pages by modifying the vendor page. We allocated art as a product to the provider and the artist to the product. With the help of three artists, we created a landing page that includes a link to the artists' product pages. The client will manage the highlighted artists through a bespoke private application, following a straightforward strategy. The alphabet of the artist's name has also been considered while creating a unique filter for this page. As part of our custom solution, the administrator will also control all featured artist videos on the highlighted area.



The individual artist page includes all the required filters and features to help users quickly find what they're searching for. The artist page contains various choices that allow buyers to quickly filter through multiple artworks by the same artist to identify the ones they should consider, which positively influences a site's conversion rate. The individual artist page displays a highlighted artwork and the artist's picture. In addition, it presents the various categories, colors, and shapes for the painting. With a few clicks, the visitor can locate the specific product they are looking for, elevating the user experience and increasing customer happiness.


Separate (Individual Artist Page)

Having an individual artist page enables administrators to celebrate and promote the artists while also displaying a selection of their artwork. Because of its focused look, it delivers a superb shopping experience for consumers. WebDesk changed vendor pages into artist pages for this project to highlight the individual artist and their artwork. This increases trustworthiness and allows the customer to earn more sales in the long term.


Featured Artists

Customers are more likely to pay attention to the work of individual artists when the shop has featured artists. This can help to persuade customers to buy the best-selling artwork. We've created a Featured Artist feature where the administrator can spotlight the work of selected artists. This can be determined by the administrators' popularity, colors, or preferences. The administrator may choose up to three artists.

Our Solution


With a mobile-first mentality, we crafted an elegant design that seamlessly adapts to any screen size or device.

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