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Klik Deals provides free digital coupons that customers can redeem in-store, helping them save money on their purchases.

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About klik Deal Digital Coupon App

Customers can make purchases directly from the mobile app. The app will assign and display associated components in the app based on the purchase, such as a motor or a motor belt, depending on the purchase. The software displays the component’s health based on its usage and tells the user of the status via a graphical interface. If the device’s health begins to deteriorate, the app will send a push warning to the user, eliminating the need for the customer to remember to replace or have service done on their equipment. Instead, customers may make an appointment with a specialist through the app to fix or replace their parts based on their specific needs. Aside from the push notification, the app will also send the user an email and a text message, depending on their settings.


Creating a Flutter coupon code app can be difficult. Backend integration is one such challenge, as the app will need to communicate with a backend server to retrieve and validate coupon codes. Another important factor to consider is user interface design, as coupon code apps must have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily find and apply coupons.

It’s critical to create a seamless user experience, which includes things like smooth animations, quick loading times, and clear instructions on how to use the app. Coupon validation is also essential, as you must ensure that coupon codes are validated in real-time to prevent fraud and abuse. Finally, app maintenance is an ongoing concern because coupon codes are frequently time-limited. The app must be updated regularly to ensure that expired codes are removed and new codes are added.

Our Solution

The location-based coupon redemption process was one of the most difficult aspects we had to deal with. Before allowing customers to redeem their coupons, we had to ensure that their actual location matched the backend settings. Customers could only redeem their coupons within a certain geographic area.

Another challenge was creating a user-friendly scanning process. We wanted to ensure that customers could quickly and easily scan their coupons, with no technical difficulties or delays. We were able to create a scanning process that was both efficient and user-friendly with the assistance of WebDesk, allowing customers to scan their coupons in just a few seconds.

Features And Customizations

Our goal was to develop a mobile app feature that provides users with a seamless and engaging experience. These features allow users to browse a list of available coupons and filter them based on categories, expiration dates, and location. They can then view detailed information about each coupon, such as the amount of the discount, the terms and conditions, and redemption instructions. The app can also send push notifications to alert users of new deals and coupons, expiring coupons, and exclusive promotions.

Location-based services can help users find deals and coupons that are relevant to their current location, whereas social sharing features allow them to share deals and coupons with their social media friends and followers. Furthermore, user feedback and ratings can assist others in making educated decisions, while analytics and reporting tools can track user engagement and behavior, monitor app performance, and generate reports on coupon usage and redemption rates.

Features And Customizations
Mobile App

Mobile App

Klik Deals Mobile App is loaded with thousand of FREE local deals around your city for shopping, dining, entertainment and everyday services.

Mobile App