Migration of B2B eCommerce Store from Webjaguar to BigCommerce

Migration of B2B eCommerce Store from Webjaguar to BigCommerce Case Study


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About Packnwood

PacknWood has over 40 years of expertise in distributing and producing environmentally responsible disposable tableware and food packaging. PacknWood has always relied on retail sales for revenue. Still, they have made significant adjustments to explore the opportunities in eCommerce, including the chance to reach a larger market and the capacity to conduct tailored digital marketing activities. They required a new exciting eCommerce portal for this.

PacknWood has an aura of intrigue and refinement that is unparalleled. To match their exceptional array of products, a freshly designed and built online store for their business would require a similarly polished and extremely innovative appearance, as well as seamless brand integration.


When a mouse hovers over a rollover picture with motion effects, it displays other images of the same product. Any website will come to life with rollover pictures that include animation effects. If customers see a new view of the product with the rollover, they can be tempted to buy it. Images with animation effects that appear as you hover over them bring the website to the next level of user experience. Hence, PacknWood wanted to have a mouse-over image slider that displays all of a product's photos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360-degree product image is worth its weight in gold. For online sales today, the product picture has surpassed all other digital assets in importance. As a result, 360-degree views for eCommerce have grown more popular in recent years, and with good reason: they are a compelling alternative to conventional product photographs. The customer desired to include a 360-degree overview of all items without the use of any third-party technologies. In addition, the goal was to make it load quickly, even on limited bandwidth.

People who have never heard of a brand before may get a glimpse of it with a sample. After they've tasted, felt, smelled, seen, or used products, it becomes clear what the client sells. Most of us are very visual and are readily persuaded by an excellent presentation. Still, nobody wants to make orders for a product that seems aesthetically appealing but subsequently turns out to be of low-quality firsthand. PacknWood intended to develop a practical sample request module and a clever method to get a firsthand look at the product. Before investing money on a bigger scale, one would like to see, smell, and feel the real thing.

Our Solution

Hover Images

Using different pictures is inefficient; there is frequently a significant delay when the effect is applied for the first time since the second image must be obtained. Therefore, it is pretty beneficial to preload the second image so that it is instantly available. When the mouse hovers over, our solution enables displaying all product photos in the product list. This module allows the user to display all product photos when the mouse hovers over a product in the product list. On hover, all product pictures (rollover) are shown. This module enables displaying all product images when the mouse hovers over a product in the product list.

360 view

Purchasers want a simple personalised buying experience. A 360 product view does this while providing a customised consumer experience and increasing conversions by displaying a full view through 360 spinning images. Lifelike product impressions are critical for both clients and customers. In addition, it provides a broader viewpoint since a 360° spin view offers a complete picture of a product. However, it also includes many photos, which results in the expense of hosting images on a third-party server. We avoided the need for any third-party tools or servers by using WebDesk’s custom script to develop the script that enabled 360 views within BigCommerce.

Ability To Order A Sample

As beautiful as many goods seem in photographs, we can’t deny that specific photos may be deceiving. Ordering samples is essential since it aids in the development of your connection with prospective clients. Ordering samples gives consumers the idea that the client is serious about developing a long-term relationship with them and is serious about doing business with them. As stunning as many items appear in photographs, it is impossible to deny that specific images can be deceiving. Therefore we’ve provided sample orders at a lower cost to improve confidence.

Our Solution


Taking a mobile-first approach during the design process, we created an elegant experience for every device.

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