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PacknWood Orders Case Study

PacknWood Orders Case Study


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Packnwood has been selling and producing ecologically responsible disposable tableware and food packaging for over 40 years. They are a truly global company with operations throughout the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

Each warehouse is responsible for its inventory. As a result, it is critical for enterprises with several warehouses, such as Packnwood, to integrate and display availability from all of them. Failure to present the consolidated stock might result in revenue loss. BigCommerce is a great platform. However, it doesn't meet the needs of certain PacknWood, such as backorders and splitting orders into several child orders. In addition, PacknWood did not want to lose money because one product is partly or entirely available at a different warehouse. To get around these constraints, PacknWood needed a seamless solution.


Integration is essential for error-free operation in order to produce a robust solution. However, incorporating so many APIs was not a simple process. Software and API architecture styles are diverse. Because each system has its own unique logic, every integration has its own set of difficulties to overcome. Integrating numerous platforms takes a considerable effort, as well as extensive knowledge of each API's internal workings. There were several difficulties with connecting to the next destination flawlessly.

Another obstacle was the need to divide the order. In accordance with the client's specifications, in the event that a customer puts an order for a quantity that is not immediately accessible at the closest warehouse, the same order should be divided into several child orders depending on the availability at the nearest and other warehouses. While splitting the orders, it was also essential to apply taxes, discounts, and order specifications.

Our Solution

Multiple API Integration Between Fishbowl, Custom Dashboard And BigCommerce

As the need for purpose-driven and customized apps grows, modern firms like PacknWood utilize a range of applications to suit various objectives. WebDesk professionals took on the challenge of integrating the information contained in these many apps to guarantee accurate ordering and order splitting. We developed a custom code that integrates with API interface and connects the platform to third-party apps. In this manner, data can be easily seamlessly transferred between the two platforms.


Order Splitting

Additional logic was included in order to separate the orders in accordance with the client's vision. For example, suppose the consumer selects a product that is only accessible in a distant warehouse. In that case, there will be separate orders per the warehouse. On the basis of availability, a sub-child order and split order will be generated, with warehouses depending on stock. The same rationale applies to numerous products, which gets too complex. The customer will be able to manage the orders in an easy-to-understand manner as they don't need to worry as we have implemented this strategy smoothly. If a product is under a promotion but is out of stock, the discount is still applied to the child orders and backorders that were placed at the time of the order. Additionally, the promotion is divided and applied based on the total number of orders delivered.

In addition, PacknWood provides consumers with low-cost and low-quantity sample items that they may test out before making a purchase. Each sample order generates a new child order.

Order Splitting

My Account Customization

It's difficult to foresee a product’s demand, but backorder will assist the customer. To be a satisfied client, the consumer must also be aware of the most recent information about their purchase. Our backorder module enables customers to track the progress of their orders and the shipping status, order number, and other relevant information.

My Account Customization

Backorder Module

A backorder is unavoidable from time to time for large businesses. To avoid the hassle of waiting for your item to be available again, some customers may prefer to buy from elsewhere. If an order is split into backorders, the customers must know the latest details. We developed a one-of-a-kind backorder module that automatically separates the order and provides all relevant information to the consumer.

Backorder Module
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