A Complete Guide of Milk Delivery App Development

John Ahya
John Ahya

February 16, 2023

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Last Updated August 08, 2023

Milk delivery app development

In this digital era, people have become reliant on mobile apps like never before. We have been using mobile apps for nearly everything. Whether you want to buy groceries, shoes, electronics, or more, there are apps on your phone.

With this consumption, the on-demand industry has peaked in the last few years. All of this has been possible due to ease of convenience, simplicity, and speed.

The one sector which still needs to be touched upon so far is milk. Milk and dairy products are consumed by many people worldwide. However, there are few apps that deliver these things to people.

In order to serve this segment, many entrepreneurs and businesses are joining the bandwagon by building milk delivery apps. A milk delivery app offers a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers and helps streamline the operations of businesses.

In this blog, we will first provide the benefits of a milk delivery app and then offer a step-by-step process for milk delivery app development.

Without waiting much, let’s get started.

What are the Crucial Benefits of Milk Delivery App?

A milk delivery application has crucial benefits for consumers and dairy owners. Let us look at the benefits of both.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Consumers can check out milk and other products and order them online. It saves their time & effort.
  • They can choose their delivery time and reminders for recurring orders.
  • They get more accessibility to premium products that are usually unavailable in the local area.
  • Consumers can make payments using their preferred payment method.

Benefits for Dairy Owners

  • Dairy owners can streamline various business operations and deliver products to a vast number of consumers with ease.
  • They can generate more revenue by offering convenient and reliable delivery to the users.
  • The dairy owners get valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns and make informed business decisions.
  • They can effectively brand your dairy products with the help of the milk delivery app.
  • They can build long-lasting customer relationships.

Step-by-Step Process to Create a Milk Delivery App

Here is the detailed step by step process for milk delivery app development.

1. Conduct Market Research & Know Your Target Audience

Conduct Market Research & Know Your Target Audience

Initially, you should conduct thorough market research to know your competitors. Here, it would help if you understood what they are offering and what level of competition is present in the industry.

It would help if you also researched to know your target audience. Fortunately, your audience includes all the people who are consuming milk & dairy products. Then, try to understand what they like in the existing milk delivery apps and what new things they expect.

2. Choose a Milk Delivery App Model

Based on the market research, you should decide on the milk delivery business model. Basically, there are two main types of milk delivery models.

  • Dedicated or Self-Owned

    The business model is recommended for all companies running their dairy business. With this business model, dairy companies can streamline business operations, improve the supply chain, and reach out to customers well. Also, the app makes the milk delivery process smooth as it looks after milk production, tracking, record maintenance, and more.

    Using this model, you can expand your business to many groups like schools & campuses, hotels & resorts, individual customers, and more. Also, it allows you to spread awareness about your brand and grow your business efficiently.

  • Aggregator Apps

    In the aggregator business model, the app owner doesn’t have his own business but invites various milk retailers and distributors to the platform. The app allows consumers to look at different milk retailers offering milk and other dairy products, order online, schedule their delivery, and get the delivery on their doorsteps.

    The app owner gets a commission from each transaction on the application.

3. Define the Key Features of Your Milk Delivery App

A milk delivery application is divided into three parts. These include the user panel, delivery agent panel, and admin panel. Let us look at the features present in every panel.

User App Features

  • Instant Registration: A user can register on the milk delivery app using their email or phone number. Besides this, you should enable signup using third-party apps like Google or Facebook.
  • Setup Profile: The user can decide various crucial things about the app, such as the name, permanent address, preferred payment option, etc.
  • Search Products: You should include a search bar so that users can search for their products based on the brand name and product.
  • Advanced Search with Filters: At times, users find it challenging to find the desired product. Hence, you should provide different filters like rating, company, type, etc., to users to find the product.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Allow your users to share reviews, ratings, and any issues on the milk delivery application.
  • Place Order: All registered users should be allowed to place an order from your milk delivery application.
  • Live Tracking: Using this feature, customers can check all the orders they have placed and track where they have reached.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Different users have different preferences when it comes to payment. Therefore, you should offer multiple payment methods like wallet, credit/debit card, guest checkout, and more.
  • Order History: A user can check all the orders they have placed earlier. Further, they can reorder any product they want instantly.

Delivery Agent App Features

  • Sign up: The delivery agent can sign up onto the app using the Email and phone number. Further, they must fill out a basic form and wait until the verification process is completed.
  • Check & Accept/Reject Orders: The delivery agent can check all the orders the users have placed. Further, they can accept or reject the order as per the requirement.
  • Route Optimization: There are times when the delivery agent cannot find the customer’s location; in such cases, the agent can always check the best route to reach the destination in the app.
  • Check Customer Details: An agent should be able to view all the essential details about the customer, like name, e-mail, address, phone number, etc., for quick and efficient delivery.
  • Call/ Chat with Customers: The agent can chat with or call the customers in case of any queries.
  • Receive Payment: The agent obtains all the payments from the users. All the amount that the agent receives gets recorded on the platform.

Admin Panel Features

  • Login: An admin can log into the application using the required credentials.
  • Order Management: The admins have the complete authority to manage various orders depending on the quantity, location, and more. They also can monitor the pickup, packaging, and delivery procedure of milk & dairy products.
  • Dashboard: With the help of this feature, the admin can track all the things happening inside the app. They can further make decisions to reach more users & grow business.
  • User Management: Admins have the task of looking after the customers visiting the application. Hence, they can track the signup, registration, and behavior of the users.
  • Payment Management: The admin has the task of keeping an eye on payment management. They can modify the things in the payment gateway or payment method.
  • Subscription Management: Using this feature, the admin can create and look after all the subscription plans effectively.
  • Delivery Executive Management: The admin has the right to hire, supervise, and allocate work to the delivery executives.
  • Push Notifications: If there are any offers, discounts, or new product launches in your milk delivery app, you can notify users via push notifications.
  • Review & Rating Management: The admin supervises all the reviews & ratings given by the user to the product and the delivery personnel. They can further make improvements in the app based on the same.

Advanced Features of Milk Delivery App

  • Multi-Language Support: One of the most advanced features of the milk delivery app is supporting multiple languages. This feature helps you to grow your business by leaps & bounds.
  • Customer Support via Chat & E-mail: You can offer support to the users via different means, such as chat and email.
  • Mobile Wallet: Many users love to make payments to the app through the wallet. You can also integrate wallet payment in your milk delivery app.
  • CRM Analysis: Integrate a CRM feature in your milk delivery app. The dairy owner can store the user engagement and review the response later.
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4. Create a Wireframe & App Design

As soon as you become familiar with the features of the milk delivery app, it’s time to decide on the platform and development approach.

To decide on the platform, you should know where your audience is present. Is it on Android, iOS, or both? Based on the research, you can choose accordingly.

Besides the platform, you also need to choose the development approach. The two main choices here you have are as follows.

Native App Development: The developer makes an app for a particular platform, like Android and iOS, from scratch. If you want to offer an exceptional experience to users and have no issues with the budget, native app development is good to go.

Hybrid App Development: In this approach, the developer leverages the best cross-platform frameworks, such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and more, considering the needs & budget. The app created using this approach runs on multiple platforms and helps you save your budget.

5. Create a UI/UX Design

Create a UI/UX Design

After deciding on the platform and the development approach, it’s crucial to design the application. Here, you should create a wireframe and convert it into a full-fledged design. The reason is that the wireframe gives you an idea of how the future application will look.

For wireframe & UI/UX design of an app, it is recommended to approach a mobile app design company. You should also check the mobile app portfolio of the company. You will get some inspiration and ideas on how creative apps they build. They will create a wireframe using the latest app design trends and popular designing tools. A wireframe also allows designers to get a blueprint of the app’s layout, functionality, and content.

Further, the designers create an attractive and user-friendly design of the application.

6. Develop Your Milk Delivery App

After designing, the next step is to build your milk delivery application. It is recommended to approach a reliable and experienced mobile app development company. Why?

They have all the resources required to develop a milk delivery app. They help you convert your design into a next-gen milk delivery app in the best way possible. They follow the latest app development and industry trends and use popular development tools to create your milk delivery app.

7. Conduct Testing and Launch on Relevant Store

The development company you hire does complete testing of your milk delivery app with the support of Quality assurance engineers. They detect bugs & issues and forward the same to the development team.

The developers clear up all the issues in the app and further launch it to the relevant store, i.e., Play Store or App Store.

8. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

The development team offers support & maintenance for the milk delivery app for a limited time. However, they also provide extended support at a specific cost. You can consider this based on the budget and your requirement.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Milk Delivery App?

The cost of a milk delivery app depends on various factors, such as development company location & experience, tools & technologies used, platform, development approach, and more.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, the development of the milk delivery app offers a huge benefit to consumers and dairy owners.

The users get more convenience, reliability, increased accessibility, and more with the milk delivery app. On the other side, dairy owners have considerable potential to expand their reach in the untapped market.

We hope that you have understood the streamlined process of creating a milk delivery application. If you have decided to develop a milk delivery app, contact us.

Webdesk solution is a professional on-demand app development company. We have a talented team of mobile app professionals having years of experience building mobile apps. Hence, they can create a milk delivery app as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some examples of successful milk delivery apps in the market include FreshMilk, MilkBasket, DailyNinja, and Country Delight. These apps offer features like subscription-based milk delivery, flexible delivery schedules, online payments, and customization options for milk orders.

The time it takes to develop a milk delivery app can vary depending on factors such as its complexity, features, and design. Generally, developing a milk delivery app can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months or more.

Developing a milk delivery app can present several challenges, such as ensuring the app is user-friendly, integrating with existing business systems, ensuring secure payments and transactions, and meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Managing inventory and delivery logistics and ensuring scalability are also some important challenges.

Investing in milk delivery app development can offer several benefits for businesses, such as improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and increasing revenue opportunities. A milk delivery app can streamline logistics, automate payments, and offer personalized features such as flexible scheduling and order customization.

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