8 Key Benefits of Headless Commerce

John Ahya June 01, 2022
6 mins read Last Updated September 27, 2022
Key Benefits of Headless Commerce

The traditional e-commerce platforms have transformed the way businesses sell their products and services a few decades back. Organizations can expect headless commerce to follow that tradition by adopting new and creative front-end sales techniques.

Due to this, many startups and businesses are moving towards headless commerce. If you also want to develop an eCommerce store using headless commerce but are hesitant, you should look at the benefits of headless commerce.

Before that, let’s look at the definition of headless commerce.

The decoupling of back-end processes of e-commerce from pre-defined frontend processes is known as headless commerce. It means businesses have to create their frontend and head processes and complete the end-to-end e-commerce process flow.

Companies can link custom-built end processes to the back end using an API built into a headless commerce platform.

Now, let us look at the benefits of headless commerce for businesses and startups..

What are the Advantages of Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce is an evolutionary shift in traditional e-commerce. The original e-commerce platforms offer frontend tools that enable fast deployments for companies having little selling experience. But now, companies hire highly-skilled software developers who remove the front-end training wheels. It is the primary purpose of headless commerce.

Over the years, some of the best headless commerce platforms available in the market. These headless commerce platforms offer many benefits to businesses that want to create an eCommerce store.

Here will look at some of the best benefits of the headless commerce:

1. Deliver an Omnichannel Experience with Ease

Over the years, it’s possible to provide an omnichannel experience when the customer is shopping through any digital medium like a mobile phone, PC, or chatbot. It is said that many traditional e-commerce platforms offer an Omnichannel experience, but this is not always true.

It is not possible to integrate new digital sales channels to a business with traditional eCommerce. On the other hand, headless ecommerce allows developers of a business to create a front end for a new digital sales channel anytime.

The power of adding new digital channels to the overall e-commerce experience can be strong with the advancement in smart tools like interactive digital signage, kiosks, and other commerce-centric IoT.

2. Seamless Adoption of New Picking and Delivery Models

It is one of the essential headless eCommerce benefits. Customers now expect a personalized experience whenever they buy from an eCommerce store.

Your company developers can successfully build a customized multi-channel solution for your brand. It will help you meet the frontend and backend needs, customized according to your necessities, and the time to the market will be slower. It will also improve the scaling process.

But with headless commerce, the developers can build different frontend experiences at the same time while making new touchpoints. Since the backend solutions hold the content and functionality, the API can control how to deliver it anywhere. So you can adopt new technologies while entering a new sector to reduce the time of products in the market.

3. Improve Online Customer Engagement

It is one of the most essential headless eCommerce benefits. Customers now expect a personalized experience whenever they buy from an eCommerce store.

By using a headless eCommerce platform, organizations can enhance their frontend sales by providing options that customers want from them.

If you want to stand out from the rest in the market, you need to customize your first online sales presentation experience. You can achieve this by adding primary eCommerce features along with some advanced features such as personalized recommendations, custom shopping preferences, and promotions directed toward the consumers depending on their past purchase history.

Personalization is the key to establishing a solid relationship between your company and consumer. Consumers will be attached to your brand, and thus retention rates will improve in the longer run.

4. Agility and Flexibility

Customers’ shopping habits and behaviors change overnight. In such a case, frontend tools should be adaptable to the latest needs of the customers. It involves making any small or big changes in the eCommerce store, such as updating cart features or new fields in the customer profile.

In traditional eCommerce, frontend and backend are connected with each other. Hence, there is less flexibility and adaptability. To customize anything, developers have to put a lot of time & effort.

While in the case of headless commerce, the thing is different. It can easily adapt to any of the new technologies. The headless commerce platform allows developers to customize it according to the need. Whether your goal is to modify the shopping experience or meet the changing customer expectations, it is possible with headless commerce.

5. Ease of Integration

Hassle-free integration is another added advantage of headless commerce. Developers use APIs to integrate different platforms or technologies, and you can achieve it through the decoupled architecture of headless commerce.

6. Customization and Personalization

Traditional e-commerce platforms offer confined frontend tools built by businesses to deliver customization. On the other hand, Headless commerce provides limitless potential on the front end. It includes IoT tools that will immediately integrate into the headless CX platform. Proximity marketing, IoT-based loyalty programs, and intelligent cross-selling are some examples.

Headless commerce offers a fully customized superior user experience. It delivers an interface similar to a native mobile application and dissimilar to a clunky website. It is because developers can use responsive design, which can scale perfectly on any device without compromising the features and usability offered by your e-commerce sites. It is a significant headless commerce benefit.

7. Increased Conversion Rates

A vital benefit of headless commerce is an increase in conversion rates.

An eCommerce platform can infuse a feeling of enthusiasm in the products or services through the business. It can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rates and website bounce rates.

The main motive of headless commerce is to handle personalization, creativity, and flexibility. Hence, developers have the complete freedom to provide a customized user experience right from start to finish. They can do this by offering individual promotions, innovative suggestions, and improving the user interface according to the latest eCommerce trends.

Other ways of increasing excitement include completing a game or quiz on the website to receive discounts. All this translates into increased conversion rates across all the business channels.

8. Long-term Cost Savings

You might initially think working with a headless commerce platform is costly compared to a traditional e-commerce platform. However, businesses should think long-term. We agree that the front-end development cost goes higher for building innovative and modern digital sales channels. However, it comes with the added benefit of increasing customer retention and customer acquisition.

In the case of headless commerce, developers have the full ability to customize the front-end and create possibilities for attracting new consumers. It ultimately helps to reduce money spent on marketing campaigns and sales.

End Thoughts

All businesses should consider this new technology because of the innumerable headless commerce benefits.

While it all depends on the needs of your business, moving from a traditional platform to a headless one will surely evolve your relationship with the customers.

If your business is planning to sell operations on various digital platforms, this solution is your need.

Webdesk solution is a professional eCommerce website development company. We have developed a wide range of eCommerce sites for clients using their desired headless commerce platform. Hence, we can understand the needs of your eCommerce business and provide you with a suitable solution.

John Ahya
John Ahya

John is the President and Co-Founder of WebDesk Solution, LLC. Living the digital agency life for over 10 years, he explores an extensive eCommerce world. He has immense experience in all major e-commerce platforms. Being a nature lover, he likes to breathe the fresh air on the hill stations during vacations.

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