7 Custom BigCommerce Integrations For Your Store

John Ahya
John Ahya

February 06, 2023

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Last Updated July 26, 2023

BigCommerce Integrations

BigCommerce is a top-tier eCommerce platform offering an extensive set of features and integrations to help your business reach the next level.

From integrating with shipping and payment providers to providing seamless integration with popular third-party services like Amazon and eBay, BigCommerce offers a variety of integrations to help you streamline your workflow and maximize your success.

This blog post will explore everything you need to know about seven essential BigCommerce integrations and how they can help you grow your business.

BigCommerce Apps & Integrations

BigCommerce Apps & Integrations

As a business owner, leveraging the power of BigCommerce integrations is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition. BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create, manage and grow an online store.

The apps and integrations of this fantastic platform offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses across different industries. From payment processing to order fulfillment to market and analytics, it provides something for everyone.

You must understand the various apps and integrations available to get the most out of your BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce integrations and apps are software programs or services that can be used to connect your store to other online services and platforms. The most popular BigCommerce integrations include payment processors, shipping solutions, email marketing platforms, CRM systems, accounting software, and more.

You can use these apps and integrations to maximize your eCommerce business’s potential and elevate your business to a higher level.

With the right integrations, you can save time, money, and energy by automating tasks, syncing data, and creating a seamless customer experience.

7 Custom BigCommerce Integrations You Should Use

BigCommerce integrates with over 170 third-party apps, including marketing, CRM, accounting, and more. But it may happen that you don’t find your preferred integration. That is where you need custom integrations.

Yes, BigCommerce runs on an API-driven architecture which means you can easily connect custom integrations with your online store. But it requires a team that is experienced in API programming and BigCommerce.

Don’t worry! WebDesk Solution is here to help. We are a certified BigCommerce partner with a team of experts with a deep understanding of the technology and expertise in building custom integrations.

Here are the seven custom integrations for your BigCommerce store that can help you streamline your business processes.

1. BigCommerce ERP System Integrations

ERP systems have become indispensable to businesses today. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a business software system used to manage and integrate various business processes, such as inventory, orders, shipping, and accounting.

ERP systems are designed to provide visibility and control over critical business processes, enabling organizations to make better-informed decisions.

With BigCommerce ERP integration, you can take your business operations to the next level.

It can help streamline your processes and increase efficiency while unifying the workflow and data consistency across all systems.

It can also make it easier for you to keep track of your customers and analyze their buying patterns. Here are 6 ERP integrations that can be used for your BigCommerce store.

  1. NetSuite ERP
  2. Brightpearl
  3. Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Sage 50
  5. Zap ERP
  6. Katana ERP

2. BigCommerce CRM Integration

BigCommerce CRM Integration allows businesses to communicate with customers through automated emails, text messages, and in-app notifications.

Businesses can customize their CRM integration to include a wide range of functionality, such as creating customer segmentation and personalization, creating custom fields and reports, and creating automated campaigns.

With BigCommerce integrations, businesses can create advanced customizations, such as setting up automatic triggers for customer actions and creating custom alerts.

These CRM integrations also allow businesses to monitor customer activity and view real-time customer data.

This can help businesses better understand customer behavior and preferences and make more informed decisions about best interacting with customers.

Here are five examples of CRM integrations that can be used with BigCommerce:

  1. Salesforce
  2. HubSpot
  3. Zendesk
  4. Keap
  5. Jivochat
  6. eDesk
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3. 3PL Integrations

If you want to streamline your supply chain and increase your eCommerce business’s efficiency, you can rely on BigCommerce 3PL integrations.

With 3PL integrations, you can easily connect your BigCommerce store to 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) to automate your order fulfillment and shipping processes.

Integrating your store with a 3PL can make your order fulfillment and shipping processes more efficient and cost-effective.

For example, ShipStation’s integration with BigCommerce allows you to route orders to your 3PL automatically, so you don’t have to enter each order into the 3PL’s system manually.

This integration also enables you to customize the shipping process for each order to offer the best service for your customers.

BigCommerce offers seamless integrations with the leading 3PLs, such as

  1. ShipStation
  2. ShipBob
  3. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

4. Point of Sales Integration

A Point of Sale (POS) system is essential for any business that sells items in person. The engine powers cash registers, allowing customers to pay for their purchases and retailers to track their inventory and sales.

BigCommerce offers a range of POS integrations that make it easy for you to streamline your operations.

POS integrations allow you to sync your POS systems with your eCommerce store seamlessly. This means that orders placed through the store can be tracked in real time, which helps you ensure that you’re always stocked with the right products.

Automating data entry eliminates the requirement to manually input sales information into the system, thus saving time and avoiding potential mistakes.

In addition to tracking sales, it makes managing customers easy. With details like contact info, purchase histories, and loyalty points all stored in one place, it’s easy to identify returning customers and reward them for their loyalty.

By syncing your POS systems with your eCommerce store, you can streamline your operations and keep track of your customers for a better overall experience.

You can take advantage of this integration in your BigCommerce store to easily bridge the gap between your online and offline sales.

Here are some custom POS integrations that BigCommerce supports.

  1. Clover
  2. Zettle
  3. Epos Now
  4. Hike POS
  5. ShopKeep
  6. Revel Systems

5. Custom Marketing Integrations for BigCommerce

BigCommerce supports several custom marketing integrations that can help you target customers effectively and increase your sales.

Whether a small business or a large enterprise, you can use custom BigCommerce integration to target your customers better and drive more sales.

  • Social Media Integration

Social media is essential to any digital marketing strategy, and social marketing integration in BigCommerce can help you make the most of your social platform efforts.

You can easily integrate your social media accounts with your BigCommerce store, allowing you to quickly and easily share products, promotions, and updates with your followers.

You can also track your social media campaigns’ performance in BigCommerce to optimize your campaigns and maximize your reach.

  • Email Marketing Integration

Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers. BigCommerce allows you to install custom email marketing integration, making it easy to set up automated emails to keep in touch with customers.

You can easily set up automated emails to send out product information, promotions, and updates, making it easy to keep your customers informed and engaged.

You can also use such email marketing integration in your BigCommerce store to create custom email campaigns that target specific customers or groups of customers, allowing you to tailor your messages for maximum effectiveness.

  • Marketing Automation Tools

Some BigCommerce integrations make it easy to use powerful marketing automation tools. You can easily set up automated campaigns to target customers with personalized messages based on their purchase history and other data.

You can also automate tasks like setting up discount codes and creating loyalty programs so that you can focus on different aspects of your business.

  • Other Digital Marketing Tools

BigCommerce supports some other digital marketing tools integration as well. It easily integrates with popular analytics platforms like Google Analytics to better understand your customers and optimize your campaigns.

You can also integrate with popular advertising platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, enabling you to create targeted campaigns that reach the right people.

6. DXP Integrations

DXP stands for Digital Experience Platform. It enables you to manage and deliver a personalized digital experience to your customers across multiple channels and devices. According to 36% of shoppers, businesses need to offer more personalized experiences.

DXP integration can help you provide a seamless experience for your customers, allowing you to engage with them more effectively.

This can help you to save time and money while still providing customers with the best possible eCommerce user experience. When it comes to DXP integrations, you should look for reliable, secure, and scalable solutions.

But how can you do it in BigCommerce?

BigCommerce supports headless architecture. So, you can use its core commerce as a back-end and integrate any DXP for your front-end experience. Some of the prevalent DXPs are as follows:

  1. Acquia
  2. Sitecore Experience Commerce
  3. Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  4. Kentico Xperience

7. Big Data Analytics Engine

Big data analytics engines have revolutionized how businesses use data to gain insights, improve processes and optimize operations. You can create a custom big data analytics engine integration using APIs that allows you to extract data from your BigCommerce store and process it through a customized data analytics engine. It is a complex process, and you should take help from any integration expert.

Big data analytics engines are powerful tools that allow businesses to access, aggregate, analyze, and visualize large volumes of data to uncover insights, make better decisions, and drive growth.

With a powerful analytics engine, businesses can uncover customer trends and preferences, optimize operations, and develop custom BigCommerce integrations to meet their needs better.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. Its comprehensive suite of apps and integrations offers businesses a wide range of possibilities.

You can integrate with shipping and payment providers, maximize your success with third-party services like Amazon and eBay, and streamline your workflow. With the right tools and integrations, BigCommerce has the power to propel your business forward and foster its growth.

Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding BigCommerce integrations or other eCommerce help.

WebDesk Solution is an experienced BigCommerce development company that offers flexible services to meet your unique needs, whether you are a small niche company or a large enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom integration involves the creation of a tailored software solution that is designed to meet the unique requirements of a particular use case. This software can range from a relatively straightforward plugin that facilitates data transfer between databases to a comprehensive and fully customized content management system.

BigCommerce currently offers over 600 native apps and integrations, which include popular payment gateways, shipping providers, marketing tools, and other third-party applications. BigCommerce also offers open APIs, which allow custom integrations to be built with other systems or applications.

BigCommerce integrates with various third-party platforms, including popular payment gateways, shipping carriers, marketing and advertising tools, accounting and tax software, and more. Some notable integrations include PayPal, Stripe, FedEx, UPS, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, and Avalara.

No, BigCommerce and Shopify are two separate eCommerce platforms and do not integrate with each other. However, some third-party apps and services can help you connect your BigCommerce and Shopify stores to streamline your operations and increase sales.

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John Ahya

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