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Ammo Board Case Study

Ammo Board Case Study


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About Ammo Board

The client, the Ammo Board, created the internet store in order to provide the best bulk ammunition deals at the most reasonable prices for large quantities of ammunition. The Ammo Board's mission is to make the most popular and in-demand ammunition readily available in large quantities to as many people as possible.

They requested that we incorporate the same sophisticated features into their pre-existing BigCommerce store that we had previously implemented for other projects in order to ensure stability and a positive user experience. They had intended to use the stencil theme to completely redesign the store. Furthermore, they intended to improve their current website by adding search and product filtering capabilities, as well as integrating third-party reviews.


Ammo Board wanted a search engine that was both comprehensive and expandable, providing real-time search results based on the intents and actions of users. To ensure that all categories and subcategories are highlighted, Ammo Board wanted to provide a comprehensive and extensible search engine that allows customers to find what they are looking for and suggest items that they may not even be aware are still available, critical to increasing online sales. optimizing and customizing filters can make a significant difference in terms of both user experience and search engine optimization, so the client sought to improve both of those aspects of the site.

Reviews are key to helping consumers make decisions about what to purchase. Studies show that 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust friends and family, with most people making their purchasing decisions based on these reviews. For a company to grow, it is critical to have a solid social proof component. Additionally, for any company to succeed, it is essential to establish consumer confidence. Customers who feel good about their purchase are more inclined to return. The Ammo Board attempted to find the most effective method of accomplishing this goal by displaying other customers' pleasure with their purchases.

Our Solution

Custom Search

WebDesk suggested Klevu because it blends machine learning and natural language processing abilities to provide relevant results. WebDesk integrated Klevu with BigCommerce streamlined through custom private app.

Custom Search

Custom Faceted Search/Filters

WebDesk Solution has provided a customized solution to meet the unique requirements of its clients through a private, custom-built application. The comprehensive faceted search functionality has been developed using custom programming and the BigCommerce API. In addition, each time a product is uploaded to the system and synchronized with BigCommerce’s particular database via a custom webhook, the system will generate more sophisticated search results. WebDesk’s developer developed faceted filters that were brand-appropriate in terms of color combinations and criteria to enhance the aesthetics and user experience. The remainder of the design work on the homepage and content pages, banners, category and product pages, and product pages resulted in a more consistent digital experience. To improve their experience, users may, for example, select how many items show on a page and rearrange them according to various factors (price, newest, reviews, availability, and many more).

Custom Faceted Search

Reviews Integration

Review integration is essential because it allows customers to see various ratings from different platforms before making a purchase decision without going to another platform. Establishing trust with customers is essential for any business to succeed. Customers who believe they can trust a business are more likely to make a second purchase. This can be accomplished by providing examples of other customers who have been satisfied with their purchases in the past. We increased their Google search exposure and conversions by integrating and displaying reviews on their BigCommerce website. When WebDesk linked their new BigCommerce store with the customer reviews on Google's platform, we ensured that customer reviews were accessible on both platforms, which increased traffic to the client’s site.

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