How to Sell Customized Products Online?

John Ahya
John Ahya

April 27, 2022

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Last Updated November 17, 2023

How to Sell Customized Products Online?

In today’s digital age, eCommerce giants like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and Home Depot offer various products.

However, modern online shoppers prefer uniqueness and personalization. When you sell custom products online, it helps you deliver a cutting-edge shopping experience.

Selling personalized items in your online store can expand your customer base, and you don’t even have to spend extra money on inventory or shipping.

Moreover, it can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and boost revenue.

In this blog, we will explore the world of custom products, why they matter, and guide you on what to sell and how to succeed in selling customized products online. Let’s dive in.

What is a Customized Product?

What is a Customized Product?

Any digital or physical product created per the customer’s needs and sold online is a custom product. It can be anything like a T-shirt, a pair of socks, a gift item, and more. One of the examples that are trending in this field is print-on-demand products. Many individual sellers are making profits by selling customized products online.

Why Should You Sell Custom Products Online?

One of the ultimate goals of selling custom products is to offer customer satisfaction, resulting in recurring sales. Different customers may have different requirements, and offering product customization can improve customer experience.

According to Epsilon’s research, 80% of customers make a purchase decision when eCommerce stores offer a personalized experience. Moreover, you will also increase your brand awareness and recognition by selling custom products online.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Customized Products Online

Selling custom products online will help you get more traffic and generate more revenue. But how do you start selling custom products? Let’s now check the strategy on how you can sell custom products and how you can promote them.

1. Research & Identify a Profitable Product

The most crucial part of selling a customized product is finding a profitable product.

Now the question comes: how to discover a product that is trending as well as profitable?

For the same, you need to conduct profound research & analysis and find a customized product that people love in the market now.

Your main goal should be to go for a specific product rather than a general one. Your potential audience will like it, and you will have the opportunity to generate good revenue.

If you have an existing online store, your purpose is to identify a product trending on that platform. It should be niche-specific.

For instance, if you sell phone covers online, you need to discover niches like selfie phone covers, fantasy character phone covers, etc.

If you are starting your journey online, you can refer to the leading eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and more to get ideas about the most famous products in the market. Based on the trends, you can decide on the most profitable product.

2. Choose a Suitable Method of Selling Customized Products Online

After choosing a profitable product, the next important step is deciding how to sell the product to the customers.

To sell customized products online, you have two options. First, you can buy, customize, and sell products with the most standard method. Second, you can sell customized products using the print-on-demand method.

Print-on-demand is one of the best eCommerce business ideas for selling products online. It is also known as the fulfillment model.

When the customer orders, it goes on to the respective supplier. The supplier will look at the entire process, from creating a customized product to shipping it to the customer. You own a specific commission from the process as an online store owner.

To make this possible, you can connect your online store with print-on-demand providers such as Printify, Spocket, and more. Further, you can display as many products as possible in the store. Lastly, the provider will handle the entire fulfillment.

Want To Build A Print On-Demand Online Store
Want To Build A Print-On-Demand Online Store?

Schedule a meeting with our eCommerce experts, who will help you design and develop an eye-catching print-on-demand online store.

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Resolve the Biggest Problem of Customization Through the Designer Tool

As an online store owner, one of the major problems you would be facing is fulfilling the customer’s unique requirements.

Even if you sell many products in your store, you can’t think about a product from a customer’s point of view.

There is an excellent chance that customers would be thinking about something out of the blue that you might have never thought of.

For instance, consider that a customer wants a specific logo and tagline in a cap. Customers may be unable to discover the thing in the catalog. Hence, the customer would leave your store.

If you allow customers to provide you with the necessary logos and text, there is another possibility that they won’t like the final product.

A quick solution: You can allow customers to choose the cap’s color, logo, and text.

With the help of a custom builder, the customer can make necessary customizations as per the requirement.

3. Choose the Right Suppliers for Your Online Store

To sell customized products on your online store, acquiring all the blank products for which you offer personalization is essential.

For the same, you need to contact the best supplier in your region and make a partnership. You need to ensure that the supplier provides you with the necessary products. Moreover, make sure that the supplier is well-known and offers high-quality products.

Lastly, selecting an appropriate supplier plays a vital role in the success of the products.

4. Use ERP Software for Printing To Automate the Workflow

Once an order has been placed, it should be handled efficiently. Automation of printing tasks has become increasingly popular.

Orders must be accepted quickly, and workflows and jobs must be specified. Order tickets can be created; scheduled jobs can be scheduled, tracked, and managed as they progress toward delivery of final delivery.

With an automated workflow for printing, you can increase your customer loyalty while improving their satisfaction.

Printing ERP applications will enable you to manage all aspects of your company’s business operations while automatizing workflow. Your job will become much simpler and faster as print jobs from various sources can be managed more quickly.

Ready To Start Selling Customized Products Online
Ready To Start Selling Customized Products Online?

Build your online store with us to sell customized products. We’ll utilize over a decade of our eCommerce experience to build an attractive online store for you.

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Now you know all the steps to start selling customized products. But which custom products should you sell? Don’t worry, we got you covered and listed the 10 best-selling custom products that you can sell online.

10 Best-Selling Customized Products

Here are the top 10 examples of best-selling customized products.

1. Customized T-shirts

Customized T-shirts are a popular trend adopted by many eCommerce companies under the umbrella of personalized gifts.

Customized T-shirts are a fashion trend that continues to gain momentum due to their ability to express individuality.

These T-shirts allow people to showcase their creativity by designing unique graphics, slogans, or messages, making them a sought-after fashion choice for self-expression.

Whether for personal use, events, or businesses, the demand for personalized T-shirts remains high, as they offer a tangible and versatile way for people to convey their identity and style.

2. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry, such as name necklaces or engraved bracelets, offers a timeless and meaningful way to express sentimentality. eCommerce websites can sell these customized products to boost their sales.

These pieces are often cherished for their ability to capture a unique connection or memory, making them special gifts for loved ones or keepsakes for oneself.

Customizing jewelry allows for a personal touch, turning a simple accessory into a treasured memento that can be passed down through generations.

3. Customized Mugs

Selling personalized gifts like customized mugs online has gained immense popularity as unique and sentimental gifts.

These mugs allow individuals to add a personal touch by featuring cherished photos, meaningful messages, or even inside jokes, making them a heartfelt and memorable gift option.

Whether commemorating a special occasion, celebrating a loved one, or simply adding a dash of personality to one’s morning routine, personalized mugs have become a versatile and beloved choice for gift-giving.

4. Customized Stationery

Customized stationery offers a unique and effective way for individuals and businesses to establish their brand identity.

By creating custom notebooks, planners, and notepads, individuals can express their style and make a statement in their everyday life.

For businesses, these customized stationery items serve as valuable promotional tools, allowing them to reinforce their brand message, logo, and contact information while providing practical and memorable gifts to clients, employees, and partners.

Customized stationery is a versatile and impactful branding strategy for personal or corporate use.

5. Customized Home Decor

Customized home decor has surged in popularity, allowing individuals to infuse their unique personality and style into their living spaces.

Items such as custom canvas prints, personalized throw pillows, and bespoke wall art allow people to transform their homes into personalized sanctuaries that reflect their tastes and memories.

This trend fosters a sense of individuality and adds a touch of warmth and character to any interior. This makes it a popular choice for creating a more personalized and inviting home environment.

6. Customized Pet Products

Customized pet products have become increasingly popular, allowing pet owners to express their deep affection for their furry companions with personalized gifts.

Personalized pet tags serve as a practical means of identification and showcase a pet’s individuality with unique designs and engraved details.

Pet beds tailored to a pet’s size and comfort preferences ensure a cozy and personalized resting space.

7. Customized Bags

You can sell personalized products like personalized tote bags, backpacks, and travel bags. These items give individuals a unique way to express their personal style and preferences.

These bags reflect their individuality by allowing customers to choose the designs, colors, and even add their names or custom messages.

This level of personalization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bags but also serves as a form of self-expression and can make for thoughtful and memorable gifts for loved ones.

8. Custom Phone Case

The trend of selling personalized phone cases is immensely popular, as they allow individuals to express their unique personalities and interests, making them perfect personalized gifts.

People can showcase their creativity by adding personal images, text, or artwork onto their phone cases and create a distinctive accessory that sets them apart.

This trend reflects the growing desire for personalization in consumer products, enabling people to turn their smartphones into functional devices and personal statement pieces.

9. Customized Shoes

Customized shoes, such as custom sneakers, have gained immense popularity because they allow individuals to express their unique style and personality through their footwear.

These personalized designs can range from vibrant color schemes and intricate patterns to meaningful artwork or even personalized initials and names.

With the rise of social media and the desire for one-of-a-kind fashion statements, customized shoes have become a fashion hit, providing both a creative outlet and a means of showcasing individuality in an increasingly homogenized world of fashion.

10. Personalized Gifts

Selling personalized gifts will never go off-trend because they hold a special place in the hearts of both givers and recipients due to their thoughtfulness and uniqueness.

For instance, engraved watches tell time and a story, making them timeless keepsakes that commemorate special occasions or milestones.

On the other hand, custom puzzles and personalized photo albums capture memories and foster emotional connections. It serves as a tangible reminder of cherished moments shared with loved ones.

These personalized gifts showcase the giver’s thoughts and effort and create lasting bonds through their sentimental value.

Let us explore some of the top brands that sell personalized products online.

Top Brands That Sell Personalized Products Online

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is famous for its classic polo shirts. Even though these shirts have a well-known style, they now have a “Stitch It” feature.

This lets you make your shirt special by choosing logos, monograms, and flags from a list.

You can also add your own words on the back, like the name of your favorite sports team or your kids’ names. Plus, you can give your shirt some unique touches on the hems.

2. Nutella

Nutella is a famous brand known for its yummy hazelnut cocoa spread.

To boost their sales, they let customers make special labels with their names on them. People loved this idea a lot, and it made Nutella more popular.

Personalized labels made customers really happy, and it helped Nutella sell more and become even more special to people.

3. Coca-Cola

In 2011, Coca-Cola started the famous “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia, and later, in 2014, they brought it to the United States.

This campaign was made to connect with young people, especially millennials. They used bottles with names on them, like John or Sarah, which were popular among this generation.

As time passed, they made the idea even more personal. They used first names and sweet terms like “better half” on the labels.

Now, Coca-Cola plans to improve the campaign by adding last names to the bottles. Soon, you’ll see names like Garcia and Thompson on the labels.

Most Effective Ways to Market Your Customized Products

After developing your customized online store, you still have work to do. Your actual work starts after that. You will need to inform users of what you are providing. Promoting what types of customization you provide wherever possible, along with the site, is essential.

There are many ways of marketing a customized online store. Here, we have curated some of the most popular ways to market your store to make it successful.

Let us go through them in detail.

  • SEO of your online store: Ensure that you include necessary keywords in the content so your site ranks well in search engines. Also, check site speed regularly and optimize it. In short, ensure you follow the best SEO practices for the site to reach out to your target audience. You can also contact a digital marketing agency for the same.
  • Email marketing: It is one of the most powerful ways to market your online store. It is also known as a direct form of marketing. You should constantly update users about your online store’s new products and discounts.
  • Social media marketing: Create your brand pages on leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Constantly share details about products, blogs, etc., to keep customers engrossed.
  • Collaborate with eCommerce stores: Collaborate with several leading eCommerce stores like Amazon, Etsy, etc. Display some of your products in these stores to establish your brand.
  • Influencer marketing: It is one of the trending forms of marketing. Influencers build brands by having expertise in a specific knowledge or subject. You can reach influencers who understand your products and are ready to promote their content.
  • Paid advertising: You also have the option to go for paid advertising. Here, you have two options: pay-per-click and cost-per-mile.
  • Offline advertising: You also have the option to display your store as an ad in the newspaper. It is the same strategy adopted by various leading eCommerce stores while having a new sale.

Get Experts Help to Set Up Your Customized Online Store

Here, we conclude your question: how do you sell personalized items online through your store? However, it is not easy to set up a customized online store without seeking help from an expert.

You can reach out to us if you want to set up an online store and sell custom products online.

WebDesk Solution is a leading eCommerce development company. We have helped a vast number of small to big businesses set up customized eCommerce stores. Hence, we can create a customized online store that your potential audience accepts and helps your business reach new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify is a good eCommerce platform for selling customized products, as it offers a variety of customization tools, integrations with custom product apps, and flexibility to accommodate unique product variations and customizations.

Some popular eCommerce platforms for selling customized products include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. You can also sell customized products on online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

Some common challenges for selling customized products include managing production and inventory, offering a user-friendly customization process, dealing with customer expectations and returns, and ensuring quality control.

John Ahya
John Ahya

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