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Braidan Motorsport Case Study

Braidan Motorsport Case Study


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About Braidan Motorsport

Braidan Motorsport, the client, is a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Markham, Ontario, serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2006, and is known for being different and better than the competition.

Braidan Motorsport had an existing Shopify Store, but as design trends change every few years, it was two or three years old may seem obsolete instead of a rival with a website that is up to date with the new design trends. Therefore, Braiden Motorsport requested that we overhaul the existing store to make it more modern, sleek, appealing, and light.


The day-to-day operations of an eCommerce store include a wide range of duties. Among other things, product data must be updated on a regular basis, product images must be updated, original product descriptions must be prepared, orders must be processed, and so on. Any sloppiness in overall performance will undoubtedly result in the eCommerce store appearing messy and the company declining sales. The client was losing revenue, so they approached WebDesk and asked for an influx of new features and a thorough overhaul and organization of the store.

B2B eCommerce services are becoming more popular as a result of the rise of digital marketing and eCommerce. These solutions make it easier and more transparent for businesses to trade with large corporations. In addition to the store, the customer wanted to include B2B functionality. The client requested that pricing be shown for a few products, but not all of them. The customer requested that an option be included with the "call for quote" button that would allow them to have the button instead of just presenting the product's price. Making various alternatives for different items wasn't a straightforward thing to implement.

Our Solution

Unified Experience And Branding

It's essential to maintain a unified look and feel throughout the website. For example, when a visitor clicks on a link on the homepage and is redirected to a website that looks entirely different, they might be puzzled or even concerned that they have been diverted to a fraudulent page. Minor variations, such as having different navigation menus on pages, may also frustrate visitors. We reviewed and incorporated brand guidelines and styles to ensure that the new site has a consistent look, including a standardized color scheme, fonts, and type hierarchy, button styles, iconography, and more. Any website aims to inform people about who they are, what they do, and our target audience. We designed the new website with a clear conversion strategy in mind. We attempted to persuade visitors to take the next step toward being a client using a coherent interface approach.

Unified Experience And Branding

Wholesale Set up

Customers in the B2B market clearly understand what they want to acquire and are equipped with that information. Product photos and relevant information are critical when determining whether a store's items will match their business's particular needs. As part of the customizations, WebDesk Solution included the Call for Quote function, which allows purchasers to submit a quote request straight from the product page on the website. The goal is to inquire about pricing for specific product quantities, which will lead to a discussion for a reasonable price acceptable to both the client and the customer. Apart from that, WebDesk Solution makes it possible to provide extensive information about the product and its requirements in response to quote inquiries.

Wholesale Set up
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