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We have built Android and iOS mobile applications to help the client with a vision to improve the sales and services of their products. The application is used by customers to manage Machines and their parts. Customers can also purchase a new Machine via the App. A dashboard was created to manage the data, workflow, and functionalities of the applications. We have also built a functionality where Admin has access to assign machines to customers. Admin can also set alerts that will be sent to customers either in a fixed interval like hourly, weekly or it can be a push notification.


When creating a native application for compressor sales and maintenance, developers may face numerous obstacles. One of the most significant hurdles is delivering precise machine and part health information to customers who have added their machines to the app. Additionally, the application should send alerts based on machine working hours so that customers can get specific parts of their machine serviced.

Developing an e-commerce app with a diverse range of machine variants is another obstacle that needs to be addressed. It is necessary to ensure that the app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that satisfies customer expectations and provides a smooth experience. This necessitates meticulous attention to design, layout, and overall user experience. In summary, creating an android app for air compressor sales demands careful planning, close attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the products and services offered. Despite the difficulties, it is feasible to develop a high-quality app that satisfies customer requirements and enables businesses to optimize their operations.

Our Solution

One of the most challenging aspects we faced was implementing service alerts for machine parts. To address this functionality, we developed a machine part usage tracking feature allowing customers to add their machines and select alert types such as by month or hours. Based on this, we can notify the customer when a particular part requires servicing.

In addition, we incorporated a product filter functionality to simplify the process of finding machines. We implemented a list of filters such as Category, Horsepower, Voltage, Rating, and more, so customers can easily locate their desired machine from the list and make purchases or set alerts for related machines or parts.

Features And Customization

To create an effective product details page for a native mobile e-commerce app, it is essential to utilize UI customization capabilities to craft a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. This page should contain key details such as product images, pricing information, and a description of the product. Additionally, it should display various product variants that are available for purchase, including operating pressure, voltage, and tank size.

Furthermore, we provide a list of parts with low health status for scheduled servicing, and once the user schedules the service, we display a list of parts that require servicing with progress tracking based on set usages.

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