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LFT is an all-in-one service booking application that simplifies the process of booking a wide range of services. With its user-friendly interface, users can browse and book services easily, including haircuts, pet grooming, and more. The app offers search filters based on location, date, and service type, allowing users to find exactly what they need. Users can also view provider profiles, ratings, and availability, making it easy to select the best provider for their needs. The app offers a secure and quick booking process, with in-app payments and real-time notifications. Additionally, users can communicate directly with providers for any questions or requests. LFT also provides resources such as customer reviews and ratings to help users make informed decisions. Overall, LFT is a must-have app for anyone looking to book services conveniently and quickly.


During the process of developing an app for providing and availing services, several challenges were encountered. One of the major challenges faced was setting privacy settings for the location of service-availing users. In addition, creating an app required the integration of multiple APIs, including payment gateway and location tracking, which required technical expertise. Developers prioritized designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface to attract users and make the platform easy to use. Proper data management was also crucial as the platform handled large volumes of data, which needed to be handled securely and efficiently.

Our Solution

Developing an LFT comes with challenges, such as privacy settings for location sharing and integrating multiple APIs. To address privacy settings, developers can provide options for users to choose whether to share their location or implement geofencing. Working with third-party API providers can help overcome the challenge of integrating multiple APIs, including payment gateways and location tracking.

Overall, developing an LFT app requires a team of experts with diverse skill sets. They must work together to overcome these challenges and deliver a high-quality app that meets the needs of users while maintaining security and compliance.

Features And Customization

The LFT app includes features such as user account creation, profile management, browsing, and searching for services. These features enable users to book services and manage their appointments easily, including finding services based on location and service type. Real-time tracking, messaging, and secure payments help users schedule appointments, stay informed about service providers' arrival, communicate service requirements, and make payments for services.

Overall, these features ensure a convenient and hassle-free experience for both users and service providers, making it easier to book and manage services effectively.

Features And Customization
JRG: Looking For This!
Mobile App

Mobile App

The LFT app provides a hassle-free way for users to book and manage services, track service providers in real-time, communicate through in- app messaging, and make secure payments for services.

Mobile App