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Since 2003, Our Green House has excelled in eco-friendly gifts.

Our Green House contacted WebDesk Solution because they wanted to scale their growth and improve their user experience. Our Green House owner Pam Davis told us that the Volusion store had become unreliable during checkout and was losing revenue. They chose BigCommerce as their new platform home after exploring their alternatives with our development team.

WebDesk Solution created a new store from scratch and oversaw the migration of the products, categories, customers, and order data to BigCommerce. A platform-to-platform move generally is a perfect time to rebuild the website and majority of the clients use a platform transfer as a chance to revamp their site. On the other hand, Our Green House wanted to ensure that they will maintain the design that their clients were accustomed to when they switch to the new platform. Our Green House also needed a custom-made product information editor tool with various requirements.


Any gift giver sincerely hopes to give a gift that will make the recipient happy and grateful. This isn't always the case, though, unless he or she can figure out what the other person wants or needs. Receiving duplicate gifts and things they don't need or wouldn't use is a common concern for any celebrants. The client wanted to eliminate such issues using a gift registry. As part of their project, the customer asked for the gift registry to be integrated into their website. The scope contained a few unique requirements that set the store apart from the competitors, and Webdesk used bespoke table structure to deliver this functionality.

Gift baskets are simple to put together and can save both time and money. In addition, gift baskets are a personal and unique method for the sender to convey his or her thoughts. Our Green House offers a variety of pre-curated gift baskets. Still, they also wanted to give customers the option to construct and personalize their own to guarantee that they send a present that is ideally customized to their needs. The objective included the creation of a gift basket, which functions similarly to a sub cart in which consumers may construct a gift basket. It was difficult since there are so many goods, and we had to segregate them so that buyers could add products straight to the basket before adding the basket to the cart.

Prior to this, the website contained duplicate items, each of which could be found in many categories. The client wished to get rid of the duplicate items and regulate the quantity of products with a single click. A cuddle toy, for example, was replicated in both the toy and animal categories. The client wanted a comprehensive bespoke app with several ways for editing one or all product fields with a single click. Editing many products can be time-consuming; perhaps they only want to modify the pricing or a brief description of all products in a specific category.

Our Solution

Gift Registry

After login into their account, a customer can establish, manage, or delete his gift registry. One must provide information about the event as well as the delivery address. The celebrant can add the product's desired quantity by clicking the Add Products button from Gift Registry or by clicking on Add to Registry from any product page. A celebrant can share the gift registry with friends and family using social media links, email, or copying the URL and sharing it. Any gift contributor can access the gift registry using the celebrant's link or through Our Green House's website homepage > Registry > Find a Registry option. All the gift giver has to do is look through the present registry and click Buy on any of the items he wishes to present. The Gift Registry listing can be edited at any time by the celebrant.

Gift Basket

WebDesk Solution has developed a five-step wizard for customers to design their personalized gift baskets efficiently. In each phase, the consumer will have multiple options to choose from, such as the style of basket, alternatives to add various products to the basket, ribbon color, and charity cause. Through the creative craftspeople they assist and the sustainable materials they procure, Our Green House has always been devoted to giving back to global problems. So, as part of the bespoke 5-step wizard, Our Green House needed to incorporate a donation page.

Customers can leverage dynamic filters such as color, theme, price, and occasion on each selection stage page.

Bulk Edit Private App

WebDesk Solution developed a unique web app that can help change all of the product fields with ease. Our Green House can edit Product Code, Image, Name, Price, Sale price, Categories, Brand, Stock, Visibility, featured product, sorting order, and many other fields with a single click using the custom private app. The custom app lets them update custom fields and search for specific products using custom-built filters and search options. Our Green House can also find the product by searching with SKU to modify a particular product. The custom app provides 20 custom fields for each product; however, if the client wants to see only a few columns for rapid editing, they may use the Customize Columns option to see precisely what they need. They can also save their column selections so that they don't have to do it again.

Bulk Edit Private App
Our Solution


With a mobile-first mentality, we crafted an elegant design that seamlessly adapts to any screen size or device.

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