The Ultimate Guide to Shopify YouTube Integration to Grow Online Sales

John Ahya
John Ahya

October 10, 2022

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Last Updated November 17, 2023

Shopify YouTube Integration

Shopify store owners usually look for ways to reach a broader audience and increase sales. Over the last few years, the craze of video content is increase like never before. Hence, videos help businesses reach a wider audience.

YouTube is the leading video search engine. It allows Shopify stores to connect with their channels. Through this, all the businesses & creators can showcase their products on YouTube.

It is excellent for Shopify store owners who are running stores and selling products online.

On the other hand, this makes it easy for buyers to purchase products and merchandise from the channels without leaving YouTube.

If you also want to know how to connect your Shopify store to YouTube, you have reached the right place.

Webdesk Solution is a certified Shopify development partner. We always keep ourselves updated with the latest things related to Shopify and love to share them with the users.

Therefore, here we will provide you with a streamlined process for Shopify Youtube Integration.

Before we move on to that, let us look at the benefits of Connecting YouTube to Shopify.

So, let’s start.

Key Benefits of Shopify YouTube Integration

Here are some of the great advantages of connecting YouTube to Shopify.

  • Increase the visibility of your store products by showcasing them on YouTube instantly below the videos, on-end screens, and more.
  • Viewers have the option to buy the products directly without exiting YouTube.
  • By connecting YouTube to Shopify, you can unlock live shopping.
  • By connecting Shopify to YouTube, store owners can showcase their products on the Store Tab.

Eligibility Criteria For YouTube Shopify Integration

If you are excited to connect the Shopify store to YouTube, you should be familiar with the eligibility criteria. If your channel meets the requirements mentioned below, you can connect the Shopify store to YouTube.

  • You must have owner/manager access to your YouTube channel account email address.
  • The YouTube channel email address must match the Shopify staff account with full permissions.
  • Channel must be approved for monetization.
  • The creator must reside in a country or region eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Channel comprises more than 10,000 subscribers or is a channel of the official artist.
  • The Channel audience is not assigned as “made for kids.” In addition, the channel should not have many videos that are tagged “made for kids.”
  • Channel doesn’t breach YouTube’s monetization rules.
  • Hate Speech should not be reported on the channel as per Community Guidelines Strikes.

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Step-by-Step Process for Shopify YouTube Integration

Follow the streamlined process given below to complete YouTube Shopify integration smoothly.

1. Initially, you need to sign in for the YouTube studio.

2. Choose Monetization in this step. Now, you will get some options to connect the store to YouTube. You need to choose Shopify. Here is how it goes.

Monetization > Shopping > Connect Store > Shopify

Connect Store

As soon as you choose to continue, you would be redirected to the Shopify page.

Channel Monetization

3. Log in to your Shopify account and then select Add App to include Google Channel to Shopify.

Google Channel

4. After integrating the Google Channel app, you need to click on the Add Sales Channel button in the top right corner. Later, you need to sign in by choosing “Connect Google Account”.

5. Now, you need to fill in some essential details about your store. These include a payment method, online store creation, refund policy, and terms of service.

Shopify essential details

6. Integrate your Google Merchant Account. Confirm all the terms and conditions of Google. Lastly, click on Complete Setup.

Google Merchant Account

7. On the next page, you will have an option to Show your products on Google. It is the right time to sync products with YouTube.

Show your products on Google

8. In the upcoming screen, click on the Get Started button.

YouTube Shopping

9. After this, you need to make sure that you fulfill all the YouTube channel requirements. Choose the options wisely and then click on continue.

10. Choose your channel from the drop-down menu.

Choose Channel

11. Read all the terms and conditions of YouTube. Later, agree to the YouTube Shopping terms of service and click Complete Setup.

Once you complete the setup process, YouTube verifies all your products with its compliance and Google Merchant Center rules.

You need to wait for some business days for the approval. Once the integration is approved, you can label products for the videos, live streams, and store tabs.

Three Ways To Display Your Products on YouTube With Shopify Integration

Here are the three main ways of displaying products on YouTube.

1. Live Streams: As the live stream is the most popular type of video types, it is the best way to promote your products and become viral. Live streaming lets you connect with your audience in real-time, showcase your products, and answer questions.


Image Source: Shopify

2. Videos: Videos are a great way to display your products on YouTube with Shopify integration. You can demonstrate your products’ features, benefits, and how they work by showcasing them in action.


3. Store Tab: A new tab is integrated into the merchant’s YouTube channel. It showcases the entire collection of products. The viewers can instantly discover all the products available on the channel.

Store Tab

What Is the Impact of Shopify YouTube Integration on the eCommerce World?

This integration has a positive impact on eCommerce businesses. With over 2 Billion monthly active users, YouTube allows Shopify store owners to showcase their products and increase their brand visibility.

YouTube Videos provide a more immersive and engaging experience for customers, which increases sales and builds customer loyalty, which can help eCommerce businesses drive sales.

The Shopify YouTube integration allows customers to make purchases directly from YouTube videos, which helps businesses to reduce the friction associated with the buying process and increase sales.


We hope that by following these steps, you can easily connect your Shopify store to YouTube. Further, you should be able to increase your presence online and sales.

If you still have doubts about Shopify YouTube integration or want to integrate anything else on your Shopify store, feel free to contact us.

Webdesk Solution provides Shopify development services for startups to enterprise-level businesses. We will understand the needs of your eCommerce store and integrate the necessary set-up per your store’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shopify YouTube Integration

Absolutely, you could check and buy products displayed in the content from your most loved creators or purchase products according to your interests.

Setting up YouTube Shopping involves:

  • Creating a Google Merchant Center account.
  • Linking it to your Shopify store.
  • Creating a product feed.
  • Enabling YouTube as a Sales Channel.
  • Setting up a video campaign on YouTube.

Once everything is set up, you can start promoting your products on YouTube and drive more sales for your Shopify store.

To embed a YouTube video in your Shopify description, you can go to the YouTube video, click on share, and get the option of “Embed.” Select the option and copy the embed code. Then go to the Shopify product description, select the “Insert Video” option, paste the embed code, and save. The video will be embedded and playable on your product page.

Yes, you can track the performance of your YouTube videos and their impact on your Shopify store by integrating Google Analytics with your Shopify store. You can track metrics like views, watch time, engagement, and conversions. Additionally, YouTube provides its own analytics dashboard to give you insights into your video’s performance.

John Ahya
John Ahya

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